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    • CommentAuthorCece
    • CommentTimeJun 28th 2013
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    I had to share this story. Some of us (not my husband as he seems to get an allergic reaction) love the cold and flu bath sinus bombs that Esther shared the recipe for. I try to make them when Norm is not home, etc. and my daughter and her husband wanted a batch. We made them up, and filled two plastic pet plastic containers. Yes, I did put on the lids without thinking about it. Maritta put them in a plastic bag from the store and left in her fairly new car with them in the back seat on the floor. About 5 minutes into the drive the first one exploded, and before she could think about it the other one also - this time all over the back seat! I'm assuming that not allowing them to air dry, and with the large amount of essential oils etc. that we just got a huge chemical reaction. My husband says "You can't fix stupid" and perhaps this was the case!
    • CommentTimeJun 30th 2013
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    That must have scared the crap out of her.
    I wonder if the heat had anything to do with it. In a sealed plastic bag wet and beginning to have a reaction bcse of added heat the gases would have expanded.
    Too funny though :)
    • CommentAuthorChinku
    • CommentTimeJul 13th 2013
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    I have been trying to make bath bombs .. after much trial and error, a lot of frustration as well in the molding process, i finally managed to get a few batches. Tried a few different recipes .. all turned out great and fizzed away .. some more than others. Is there a reason for this? Also, i noticed that some did float and some did sink!! i definitely prefer them to float and think they look prettier in the tub that way, tho the effect is the same ... just felt customers could think it was a dud if it sank!! The ones that did sink i did use some clay in them .. the clay definitely i think made it easier to mold .. at least for me, but could that have been the reason they sank? Would love any and all help!
    Thanks so much!
    • CommentAuthorSaltyBee
    • CommentTimeAug 11th 2014
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    Chinku, my bath bombs used to float. I lived in Washington state and they always floated. We recently moved to Utah and they all sink. I am using the same recipe, but no float. I think it may be the water. In WA we had natural spring water, but here in Utah we have extremely hard water. I bought some natrasorb and am going to try that and see if they will float again. I also prefer mine to float. I was on another forum when I first started making them and they laughed at me when I said mine floated. The sinkers work just as good as the floaters thankfully.