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    Anyone know what might would happen if I put this in soap?
    I used it with a scent that is amazing to make incense and there is a lot left. I hate to waste it.
    It is body safe and can be used as a base for perfume oil.
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    I do not know if this is skin safe?
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2013
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    It will accelerate trace, according to the catalog description. I usually want my soap to come to trace slowly so I can do swirls, but I can see that this might be useful. :)
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    Thanks Anna!
    Good to see you here again :)
    And yes according to the manufacturer it is skin safe and often used as a carrier for body oils- the cheap ones I'm guessing. I guess there wouldn't be an issue with rancidity though. Any soap I made with it would purely be for myself to use the scent up so acceleration wouldn't be a big deal. I wouldn't want it in my soaps to sell since it doesn't offer my customers anything.
    • CommentTimeJul 3rd 2013
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    Thanks Mesha! I know I've been awol for a while now! I have summer break (yay!) and feel like a stranger! Next semester will be the same for me and then some - I'll be carrying 20 hours and probably won't see the light of day until the winter break. :)

    DPG is skin safe. Did you consider making body sprays with the DPG? It's got a lot of uses since it's water soluble. You can do reed diffusers, body spray, perfume (you already mentioned that one), hot tub oils, steam shower blend... I'm pretty sure you won't let it go to waste! ;)
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    oh duh! I knew it was skin safe now that Ana mentions Hot Tub oils... That is why I keep it around. Hmm need to make some of those now.
    • CommentTimeJul 9th 2013
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    Hot tub oils? What goes into a hot tub oil ? I've never heard of such
    The steam shower blend also sounds interesting if you don't mind sharing a general idea of what goes in ANC how they are used. Thanks!
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    hot tub oil: 98% DPG, 2 % FO.
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    Nice! Thanks Crystal!!!!
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    You are welcome!
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    Hi! I'm new (as you can tell by my questions)!

    I have:
    Safflower oil
    91% rubbing alcohol
    Essential oils
    Perfume oils (that can be used directly on skin)
    Regular perfume I would like to finish using
    Small-ish bottles
    Rattan reeds

    Yes, I would like to make reed diffusers, but I'm not sure which of the above ingredients will give me the best product.

    Thank you! I'm so glad you are here!!
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    Welcome Veronablend!!! I do not have your answer, I think somebody will be along to help you though. I am glad you are here and thanks for asking your question :-)
    I hope to see you around and its good to get questions like this on the forum as it will help allot of ppl for you to get your answer. I would like to make reed diffusers too sometime, and do not know, glad you asked, again welcome!!
    • CommentTimeFeb 25th 2015
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    Making reed diffusers is a fun way to scent a home or office. So let's dig in!

    When making reed diffusers, alcohol accelerates evaporation rates enormously. (I don't use it because it moves too quickly.) Oil doesn't work because it is too thick and doesn't wick up the rattan reeds. DPG will slow the evaporation of your fragrances or essentials so they are enjoyable for a longer time frame.

    If you are making diffuser bottles, I would use the DPG, essential oils of your choice, bottles and rattan reeds. I generally mix 1 part scent blend to 1 part DPG and mix well. Then I put in the bottle and add the reeds. Most bottles/reeds will work best if 2-3 ounces of material is in the bottle and most of it is empty space. It also helps prevent accidental spills if/when the bottle gets knocked over.

    Does this help?
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    OH WOW...Yes Andee....this DOES Help Me!!! I know what I want to place on my wish list here soon!! Yep, We love making our home smell so very good.
    Question Andee....I have a friend who has me mix just simple soybean oil with FO together and give it to her. She places it into this warming unit for the wall..she said it works great as making her home smell good and is cheaper then getting her oils say at walmart. I was wondering if I added this DPG To the oil that I send to her, this would make her oil LAST Longer...or smell better than before? I thought I would ask before I actually do it, so I dont put the cart before the horse. Thanks Andee
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    THANK YOU, Andee!! I'm so glad I know how to proceed.

    Also, I have asked different stores - and websites - if it is ok to use my essential oils/perfume oils in an electric or reed diffuser. All of them said "no." But, many of them sell their own reed diffusers and oil warmers in the same scents. Is this just a way to sell their diffusers, or are they thinking that the oils would be too heavy and maybe they haven't heard of DPG?

    (Sorry - I have a touch of a cynical side) :)
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    The cynic in me says they are just trying to sell you something or they have not had the proper training to know what is actually in their own product.
    I've used EO's and FO's from several different suppliers in DPG and have had no problems with any of them.
    I also have dripped EO's into the little plug in diffusers (open it up and drip it onto the little fabric insert). About 10 drops lasts through the night. Good for rosemary and eucalyptus if I have a cold or am feeling low.
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    Thank You Susan and Andee for the information you have given us here.
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2015
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    Electric diffusers are iffy.

    As far as asking other companies, they may not be wanting to be liable for giving advice for their diffuser products and someone else's scenting oils.
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    that makes sense andee...I had kind of thought that myself. Thanks for the links!!