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    • CommentAuthorlcwillson
    • CommentTimeJul 4th 2013
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    It rained all night and all day here in Nashville, TN. So what to do on a day off? Went to see Lone Ranger then came home and made soap! Used a favorite MMS scent, creamy chai. Lovely afternoon.
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    Sounds delightful! How did you like The Lone Ranger? I have heard mixed reviews.
    • CommentAuthorlcwillson
    • CommentTimeJul 9th 2013
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    I liked it, it had a lot of funny scenes I can watch just about any movie with Johnny Depp and I enjoyed him in this movie.
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    Me too, I have been a Depp fan since Nightmare on Elm Street, so young and so cute then. Now he is just a handsome man with a big heart. I believe we will be going this weekend to the Drive In to watch the Lone Range and World War Z.

    Usually on Rainy days, I snuggle down and watch movies at home. Depends on if I have the house to myself or if the fam is all around. If they are busy, then I will be busy.
    • CommentAuthorshamhin
    • CommentTimeAug 1st 2013
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    the walking dead

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    We me and the fab 5(my kids) make popcorn, homemade pizza, & pop. We pull out the hide away bed and turn into zombies and watch all our favorite movies, holes, back to the future, Indiana jones, men in black:)
    • CommentTimeAug 10th 2013
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    For me it is long naps and a good book :)
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    Well today is raining and I am scrubbing the kitchen down and tearing it apart. Everything from cabinets all over the place. Not much fun!