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    I do use the crystals by dissolving them into my fragrance of choice before adding to my product. Curiosity struck...

    I have always used this product by weight, like everything else. Such as Nose Candy (menthol lip balm basically used to assist breathing/for personal use only), chest rub and so on. However I am currently tweaking my formula for shower infusers, so although the weight of the product is slightly important, the "wetting ability"(for lack of a better description), is the important factor.

    I have never tried to melt a menthol crystal on its own. Does it become liquid if melted alone? Not sure how to tweak my formula, and truly did not want to melt a crystal at 10 p.m. last night.
    • CommentTimeDec 5th 2013
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    I have used menthol crystals successfully in fizzing shower tablets by simply grinding them in a food processor and mixing with the dry ingredients. Basically they are bath fizzles on steroids when it comes to scent.
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    ooohh Christine,

    I like that idea.

    Last night I dissolved them into my peppermint and eucalyptus including the weight as part of my liquid portion. In my formula, I need 1 ounce wetting agent to 2 c dry ingredients. They worked perfectly as far as molding and unmolding, I am not sure if it is too strong. Some of them are out for testing now. And I will try one in the morning. Hubby said the entire house smelled of Peppermint and his eyes were burning, but he is more sensitive to the scents and smells anyway. Or I am immune!

    I am wondering if I should include the Menthol crystals in the liquid portion or the dry portion of my formula.

    Also attempting to avoid adding any oils or butters to the shower infusers. There is really no reason for them to be there.
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    I just spritzed mine with witch hazel and molded them, then dried them in the oven on low temperature. So all that was in there was 2 parts baking soda, 1 part citric acid and 1 tbsp of menthol crystals per cup of mixture. I would grind it up all together in the food processor because it mixes them up really well too. I know it is a very strong mixture, but since they are not intended to go on the skin but rather just sit on the shower floor and disperse the vapors, I wasn't worried about that part. I made these once on a special order for someone and doubled the batch to keep some for us. My customer loved them, and so did my husband. They made your eyes water, but they cleared out your sinuses big time.

    Oh yea, and if you do dry them in the oven, your house will be quite minty.
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    Perhaps I will stick with my formula. I am not allowed to dry anything in my oven. I did that once, hubby was not happy with me that the rolls the next day tasted like lavender.....
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    I make a muscle soak bath salt with menthol and melting the crystals in a glass dish in the microwave is what I do to I add it. I start with 30 seconds then use 10 -15 second bursts until they are just melted.
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    Thanks Mesha!