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    I am considering substituting High Oleic Sunflower oil for Olive oil in most of my recipes...

    Pros vs Cons: GO
    • CommentTimeJan 9th 2014 edited
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    Nice bubbles!
    Especially if you keep a portion of the Olive oil. I read somewhere that the combo of the 2 together has a synergistic effect on making a lovely lather.
    I got a bar from Martha in a soap & recipe swap that was like you describe and just loved it. Really great recipe that I have enjoyed tinkering with!
    Seems like it did make a softer soap though.
    • CommentTimeJan 13th 2014
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    Pro: cost
    Con: less lather than you are accustomed
    Con: softer soap, may require minor changes in formulation to accommodate
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    Ok, revisiting this co.conversation..... I have switched out all Olive Oil for Sunflower oil, as I can get it local. However, since the total switch I have been getting a lot of ash in my soap. Not on top, but swirled within. So frustrating. It seems that it is about 25% of my recent batchrs.

    I have found little info on whether or not SF should be Soapers at a higher temp? If it causes overheating. On that note another thought is my lye solution. Is it possible it could get ols? The soap is fine, the ash is not crumbly, just sprinkled throughout the bars. On some of the designs, it is actually prety cool.
    • CommentAuthorHannahobs
    • CommentTimeJun 26th 2014
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    Crystal, did it make a softer bar?
    • CommentTimeJun 26th 2014
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    Is it ash or stearine swirls? Can we see a picture?
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    Andee, I knew you would want a picture. Let me post one really quick to my fb page.

    Hannah, no, I do not have soft bars. I was worried about that as well.
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    This is one example, and this batch cooled way too fast. I do not have a picture of my harmony, but it looks about the same. Yesterday, my Norway which is only colored with some TD, has white streaks at every crease of my liner.
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    What temps are your oils? What oils are you using now?

    From what I can see in your picture, it looks like a stearine swirl/spots. Do your soaps look like this?
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    Yes, they do. And stearine spots and/or swirls seem more likely. I will take some more pics later.

    Sunflower High Oleic
    Palm Kernel
    Shea or cocoa butter depending on the formula.

    temps 100 - 110, not insulating, but my molds are 3/4" wood and the studio has been around 80 -85 throughout the day. Does cool off at night.

    I have been diluting my lye solution from water in my fridge, thinking I should use room temp water. The lye solution does not heat up more than 110 after additional water. Does not get completely clear.
    • CommentTimeJun 26th 2014
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    Is your Sunflower Oil winterized or dewaxed? This or the Palm could be the culprit. It isn't a problem with the finished soap, but does make it aesthetically challenged. Your temps might need a little bump upwards. The stearine portions aren't melting completely.
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    I am blaming Sunflower, as I have not had this issue until switching. I am not certain if my Sunflower is dewaxed, I will call and ask my supplier. I bet it is not, since I purchase from a food. Just called, not dewaxed, they keep it in its most natural state. I will start soaping at higher temps. Which is funny, I used to soap at 115 -125. back to it I suppose. Yay, mystery solved. Thanks a million.

    Some of the soaps turn out amazing actually, and add great character. Just not in my swirls. I dislike it in my swirls. Still going to send you a picture of my Norway soap, Imagine a slab of soap, light tan in color, with a 1/8" white layer(unintentional) on the top. Not chalky like soda ash. Cutting tonight if I have time, will send pics tomorrow.
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    Next question in this realm of Sunflower Oil world. It also seems some of my soaps are overheating without actually going through Gel phase. Is this a possibility?

    Slab mold Ginger Lime (design is a white bar with green and brown swirls)

    Sundays batch appeared to be translucent in the center. The white was there, watered down in appearance perhaps. Not a white white. Same formula, same techniques. I will have to get a picture tonight when I get home and post.
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    • CommentTimeOct 24th 2014
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    Hi, I have been a CP Soaper for ten years and I do use Sunflower, Soybean and Safflower oils in my soaps because its convenient to pick them up at a local store and not pay freight on olive oil from a soap supplier. I've never had any bad effects from mixing these oils with olive oil as a means of reducing the production costs. I'm afraid to use peanut oil because of allergies my customers may have and I really don't need any complaints based upon the ingredients.

    As far as the heat process is concerned, tropical oils such as palm, palm Kernel and coconut are the biggest heat producers I am aware of. I was never aware of the liquid oils producing heat the way these tropical oils do in my recipes. The finished soap can differ in color because of the liquid oil swapped in a recipe, just wanted to point that out due to the golden color.
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    Crystal-Dirty Water...I checked out your above link...and my goodness all I need to say is Breath Taking!! I truly loved the look of those soaps, nothing to complain about their...they are beautiful and I am sure ANYBODY would be please to have a bar of those lovely babies!! Good Job indeed!! I use Sunflower oil all the time, but in Liquid Soap making...I do notice that when I use it in liquid soap making, that the bubbles are MORE, Lots more. My favorite Combination is a 50% sunflower oil, 25% castor oil and 25% coconut oil...its a beautifull blend of wonderfull bubbles. So, from a liquid soap point of view, I totally love it!!
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    Thank you so much for that wonderful compliment. I have now been working with Sunflower for over a year and have most of my kinks worked out. I say most as soap will do what soap wants to do.

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    Are you referring to the color of my soap being golden? Or the oil, sorry it is late and I am way too tired, but wanting to catch up here a bit. If you are referring to the off color of the soap, it is the FO I use.