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    Can we discuss?

    I am trying to grasp my little country brain around doing a trade show.

    How do they differ from a craft show? How do I prepare? You know all the good stuff, that I simply have no clue about!
    • CommentTimeJan 14th 2014
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    Trade shows, depending on the venue, can be purchase on the spot, purchase for future shipment, or even with representatives and not the actual manufacturer. I think it will greatly depend on what type of trade show you wish to do.

    If I were in your shoes I would ask the venue operators. Tell them that since you are new to the venue that you would like to know what their clients prefer to see from manufacturers. Remember, this is like radio - the venue has clients on both sides and needs to please both. Without listeners there are no advertisers. In your case, without trade show attendees there are no manufacturers showing. Their job is to find happy relationships and they should advise you with complete details of what to expect.

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    Thank you Tina,

    I will email and attempt to get a little bit more info.

    Thanks again Tina!