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    How do you decide whether to use EOs or FOs?
    Benefits, drawbacks, etc.

    • CommentTimeAug 25th 2014
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    good question, I'd love to see what others have to say on this!

    For me so far.......I have been looking into the beneficial effects of EOs, so if I'm looking to inpart one of those benefits I choose EO. But If I'm just going for a nice scent I choose a FO. I must say I've been pretty selfish on my choices of EOs & FOs (only buying what I will like) so that's been part of my decision process as well.
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    Apparently no one else has an opinion on this. :-)
    • CommentTimeSep 12th 2014
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    I prefer EO's over FO's personally. I do use them for their scents rather than their benefits, as it's hard to tell how much will survive the heat. I hot process my soaps these days and find that I need to use about half fragrance and still get a decent scent. A lot of my customers do know of the benefits of tea tree and lavender, etc.; so I have some people that come back for more all the time.

    Of course there are certain fragrances that are just not obtainable in EO form. And some of those are really popular with customers, so I create special editions and holiday themed soaps with fragrance oils. But my nose is so spoiled that I don't like working with those anywhere near as much as the real thing.
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    I bought a combination of things to try in the sampler pack. Some EO some FO. I haven't tried the FO yet but some of them do smell lovely.
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    EO's seem not to last too long and FO's seem to morph sometimes. I would love to know who has had a positive experience with fo's and tell us what they were!!!
    • CommentTimeSep 16th 2014
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    Me too!
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    I have both EO and FO in my arsenal of scents. Some customers prefer EO only, while others really do not care. There are far too many scents in the world to be strictly EO Based, I mean Vanilla and ROse, have you seen the prices? Too expensive for soap, and they do not withstand the temps of CP well.

    Morphing and fading can happen with EO or FO, It all depends on your formula, temperatures and if the soap gods are smiling down upon you on that particular day. Unfortunately trial and error, with really good notes is your best friend. I know there will be money and supplies wasted, but how do you learn if you do not see first hand what it does and learn to react.

    Anything with spice be it an FO or EO will speed trace, be ready to mix thoroughly and plop in the mold. Citrus EO does tend to fade in CP soap, such as Orange, lemon, and grapefruit, It is best to anchor those with another scent. Lemongrass stays well, as does Litsea Cubea.

    FO, I love the ones I work with Plumberry spice from MMS- move fast, there is that spice word. Spicy lime, just the same. Fruit slices is a mover for me, but with numerous discussions with The Sage ladies, it is simply my formula and the scent. Trial and error and knowing how to work with those fragrances and my formula.

    Hope this helps,

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    Thanks Crystal!
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    For me, It depends if somebody is PAYING me or Money Talks, Loudly...ha ha. I have a customer who already has each month of the year picked out on scents...she tells me upfront, which is super nice, and then I can make the soap ahead of time and let the soap cure even more knowing her scent list. This month is Gardenia...Feb. is Gardenia, March is Lilac...and so on!!
    She loves her Gardenia, its the MAIN Scent that she loves. She gives me a list of the things she wants and then wants it ALL in the same scent family. In Feb. She wants 2 Shampoos, A Sugar Scrub, a Mud Mask, a Massage Oil....ALL IN GARDENIA...Makes it easy to PRE PLAN that way.

    S0, if it is for Me now...I tend to like combination scents AND Essential Oils. Like...Last year I did a Lavender EO...Mixed with a Gardenia was super Lovely. Or..lets see, I also did a Strawberry FO oil..but mixed it with Peppermint EO...zezty and fruity all at once!! Saying that...when possible, I like to get the EO first..and the FO last...meaning this...I Love TRUE Lemon Grass EO....and if given the chance to use a LemonGrass FO...Over the EO...I will turn it down. Same with Peppermint, get the point..Now some items are super costily, like True Rose Oil...YIKES...That ofcourse I prefer the REAL stuff....but my budget would never make room for it, so on super costly items like that, I buy the FO for it.

    So..I guess I never really thought about it..but since the question was asked...yes, I like BLENDS of both the EO and the like my Cake, with Frosting, and I like it to be with a Large Scoop of Ice Cream!! lol

    Saying that...I learned what does NOT go well together...just for it to be noted...LOVE SPELL FO...and PURE LEMON EO...oh my is that a mix that did not work out!! For me at least, it did not. So, sometimes its not good to mix, but I do like trying to mix at times. Ya, it comes down to MONEY...If somebody is paying me, their wish is my comand. If its for ME...then I shall do my own litle Mixer Party!! SMILES
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    I love mixing fragrance oils and eo's. I have a lavender dominant fo and I mix in some lemon, lime and orange eo's. It smells heavenly and I mix it with some cyclomethicone to create a roll on perfume. It is lovely. And if you let it set for a few months...well all the better. I will add, that I put some lavender buds in the bottle as well and I am sure that it enhances the scent. Another combo is sandalwood fo (because the eo is too expensive) with lime eo. It is an awesome unisex scent and is lovely in cp.
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    I have never used cyclomethicone..I see that allot of ppl do...I might need to try this one day. I appreceate your answer, it has given me some great ideas...thanks dbloomingdale
    • CommentAuthorblyeager
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2015
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    I like both equally well. For me, it depends on what I am trying to achieve. If I want a soap that has medicinal properties, I might go with a specific essential oil, like Tea Tree. Prices of essential oils can vary greatly. I will be using Clary Sage very sparingly for a while until prices come back down. So, I may sub a sage-like FO in its place for my blends that contain Clary Sage. Some essential oils fade out quickly. I have trouble getting Grapefruit to stick so I use a FO for that one in my blends. Some EOs stick well and are economical. So, why not use them instead of a synthetic fragrance.

    With all of that said, it does pay to know your EOs and FOs. Yeah, some can be speedy. Some can fade. But, it doesn't matter whether it is an EO or FO. Both are culprits. I think I am just re-iterating what everyone else has contributed but ... hey, it is one more opinion.
    • CommentTimeMar 5th 2015
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    Being new to soaping compared to the rest of you, not sure my comments would really count as much but here goes.

    I've found that FO are generally more budget friendly but some EO's are too, like Orange, lemon, grapefruit and a few are more expensive but indispensable like lavender, oregano,and tea tree etc.

    I personally try to avoid phthalates in FO but once in a while they slip past me because not every company identifies them in their FO's.

    I've personally found that as much as I love EO's, there's just too many amazing smells in this world that cannot be created by EO's alone, like Apple scents or Dragon's Blood or Napa Valley etc.

    Furthermore, some EO's are SO expensive as to be unreasonable even to test, like Tuberose at $260 an ounce. I've a "customer" (quoted because I'm not selling yet but give away copious amounts of soap) that desires tuberose soap but I simply can't spend that kind of cash for one EO that Might or Might not survive soaponification. I will simply keep looking for an acceptable FO instead. (One tried, didn't like, another on the way to me)

    I don't see any reason not to use both EO's and FO's (sometimes together!)
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    Here is what I do April..I have a HIGH END Client. I tell her the same thing, I do NOT have money to spend like that. So, I made a deal with her, she finds the EO or OTHER top dollar ingredient that she wants in the soap, and or other skincare product, and she pays for it and sends the product to me to use as an addition in HER soap. Then, of course, she still buys the soap or other stuff, at the normal price I would charge. I get to keep whatever she does not buy, and any extra ingredients that are left over are mine to keep. Sometimes you will need to make deals with a customer like that and every situation is different. Sometimes the customer just gives me the extra money upfront to go and buy the ingredients, sometimes she will buy it and send it to me. But it works. And, once you say this to your customer, and they do the research to buy it themselves, they will come to appreciate the end product all the more cause they are invested in the process, or, they will SEE the high price of an ingredient, and them come to terms with that huge price, and just simply agree for you to pick a NEW EO or whatever. Anyway, it never hurts to ask a high end customer to help you pay for something that THEY want and are willing to do this.

    I know you are in the researching phase, being new and all, I am glad to see you are pressing in to learn!! I have a feeling that one day you will be super successful with your great attitude and your willingness to learn the craft!!