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    • CommentAuthorMaryT8M
    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2014
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    I have a student taking my soap making class through our community ed classes who called me last week. She made a batch of soap at home using MEASURING CUPS instead of a scale to measure out her fats.....but did use a scale for the lye?????? Anyway she called because she tried to cut the soap but it was hard and crumbly. I told her NOT to use it because it's obviously lye heavy, and she asked about rebatching.

    This is beyond my 'pay grade' since I have never re-batched anything like this before. I told her I'd ask if she should just toss it (it's a 2 pound recipe) or IF there is a way to calculate how much more oil/fat should be added to a re-batch from the PH maybe

    HELP any advice is appreciated

    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2014 edited
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    Since she did this by volume, it would not be easy to recalculate. When we are asked this, our advice is to toss it and start with a new batch using a scale. If she wants to save it, have her e-mail Tina for advice on how to do so. (That being said, Tina will still tell her to toss it first.)
    • CommentAuthorMaryT8M
    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2014
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    LOL I told her she maybe could grind it and add it to a laundry soap recipe......she said she "has no interest in laundry soap.....thank you very much" (I could almost SEE her turning up her nose) so I'll tell her I did my best by inquiring, but that she needs to toss it!

    I have no idea WHY she would use volume instead of weight......she has a scale! Bet she never does that again