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    • CommentTimeOct 1st 2014
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    I noticed on a shirt I purchased for my daughter the other day a label stating part of the design are the variations in the pattern/fabric (or somethign like that). Does any one place such a note with their handmade soap? Whiel I'm careful to try to make everything the same, from time to time there are slight differences.

    I've thought of a note like this:

    Since this soap is handmade, you may notice slight variations in color, scent or weight between bars. This is normal and the nature of handmade soap. It is ready to use when you receive it.

    Depending on how long you purchase it after it was initially made you may find that it is softer than other soap you are used to, but be rest assured it is only because it has not cured (dried) as long as other soaps on the shelf. If you find your handmade soap is too soft your personal taste, can leave it on a shelf, unwrapped, to cure for one to two weeks further to harden it up more.

    Either way I’m sure you will love your handmade soap. When using please make sure you are storing your soap on a soap dish that allows for drainage and/or for air to flow around the soap. This will help your soap to last longer.

    What to you think?
    • CommentTimeOct 3rd 2014
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    I say something like that on my web site but not on the labels (not enough room!). :)
    • CommentTimeOct 3rd 2014
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    Good idea, I think that's what I may do too. Save $$ over printing it out.
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    I love that eor1122

    Not me...I LOVE sending notes with ALL my items to the customer. It shows that I cared enough to write them and took the time to make sure thier experincce is a special one. Ya, if you dont have a problem with it, I would LOVE to use your comment above and add it with my soaps. yes, I am asking permission first :-)
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    Here is a bit MORE you could add if you were so inclided to do so can add this at the end of your paragraph above:

    If your soap becomes soft at any time after use, simply place back on a shelf to re harden. Your Bubbles will have more staying power with a harder soap. Homemade Soap should be treated with care as this soap was created with care. Thank you for your Purchase and please feel free to contact me at any time with any soap related questions. I hope you have the Best Experience Ever using my Homemade Artisan Soap!!