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    I need to know the AMOUNT of liquid soap I am to add to my bucket of dish-washing water to do my dishes. The containers in the store use 1 squirt per load, is this the SAME for homemade Liquid Dish-washing soap? MORE OR LESS than I squirt? I ask this because I am tolled that washing dishes with HOMEMADE Liquid Soap, we are NOT supposed to depend on the bubbles to tell us if our dishes are getting clean or not. So, if that is the case, should I use the EXACT amount as commercial liquid soap to do dishes, or more, or less? Thanks
    • CommentTimeOct 1st 2014
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    I use about the same, except I don't put it into the water. I just put it on a sponge or into a microfiber cloth and work it in and it's pretty much enough to do a sink full.
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    Thanks so much Chrima, great idea