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    • CommentTimeNov 22nd 2014
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    1. You get excited about the fancy little ice cube trays in shapes of flowers and animals.
    2. You never throw away things like milk cartons, yogurt containers or Pringles cans.
    3. Those things on the kitchen counter that smell like chocolate are NOT brownies.
    4. Your shower contains a bar soap for every day of the week.
    5. You buy kitchen spices based on their color value.
    6. You know the SAP of your salad oil.
    7. Your coffee grinder hasn't seen actual coffee beans since May 2006
    8. When you send your spouse out grocery shopping, they come back with two of everything so there is actual food in the house.
    9. You own a dozen or so G-strings, but you don't play the guitar.
    10. When you walk into your local thrift shop, they greet you by telling you they just got in another crockpot or stick blender.
    11. You are a wiz when it comes to your kids' science projects. Baking soda-vinegar volcanoes are so yesterday, how about bath fizzies?

    Feel free to add your own to it! I'd love to hear some more!
    • CommentTimeNov 24th 2014
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    when you stick a bar of soap under your husband's nose and he tries to bite it (in his defense it was maple bacon)

    you buy a coffee grinder jsut for soap making (I actually HATE coffee)

    you have no room in your refrigerator because it's filled with soap (in my case it's 2 dorm sized ones-not my main fridge)

    you buy more shoe boxes for soap than you ever have for shoes

    you make soap more than hubby watches sports or plays video games

    you have kids coming in to "say good night" only to turn and run from your room after they've stolen yet another bar of soap
    • CommentAuthorTaylor
    • CommentTimeNov 24th 2014
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    1. You keep soap in your closet because it makes your clothes smell good.

    2. You forgot which bars contain lard but ask the dog and he can tell you.

    3. When you open the refrigerator door and announce you want to make soap withever that is in there.

    4. You ask the cat or dog (whichever is handy) what perfume, soap or lotion you should use that day.

    5. You buy a magazine just because the colors inspired you to soap.

    6. Someone's birthday is approaching and you plan yet another custom batch of soap for them.

    7. You order Catnip Essential Oil for your adorable feline friends.

    8. You practice your swirling technique when you bake to get in "extra practice".

    9. You are running errands in town and you end up telling someone about what you do. They say "That is cool. I need to try some handmade soap." You have a bar of soap in your purse and they are suddenly gifted with XYZ bar.
    • CommentTimeNov 24th 2014 edited
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    1. Your personal soap "stash" fills two drawers and a bin under the bathroom sink.
    2. Your hair care, makeup and dental care products all have to squeeze into one drawer due to number 1 and the fact your DH still needs a drawer for his things.
    3. Every time you go shopping, you find something that would be a great soap tool or mold.
    4. Your Facebook feed is overwhelmed with soap pictures.
    5. You have a list of soaps you want to make that is a mile long.
    • CommentTimeNov 24th 2014
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    Ha ha, Andee - number 5 is a good one. I have caught myself watching a sunset and thinking I should make a soap that looks like that. Now what to scent it, hmmmmm.
    • CommentTimeDec 3rd 2014
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    chrima what would be kinda cool is if you did a layer type soap for the sunset with different scents that blended well together instead of mixing the scents and then adding to soap.
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    A Soap maker gets excited to get OIL for Christmas and Vitamins to put into the soap!! ha ha..I never thought I would be asking for OIL and VITAMINS for, its a NEW ME :-)
    I agree with andee, every time I go shopping, I look at EVERY ITEM as a Possible Soap ingredeiant, or a tool to use FOR soap making. lol, I leave nothing out, even at the hardware store I look over ALL the items and ask my self.".now can I use that for soaping? hhhmmmmm"
    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2014
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    I almost bought these gingerbread house cupcake molds at Walmart. They would be awesome, but the soap would be HUGE!!
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    I know the ones you are talking about. I saw them too. I did not get them either! saying that, I wish I now did...what a great Novelty Gift...ya!! Eir1122 those did look intersting
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    I used to go grocery shopping and turn all the potential molds over to see what they would look which is the best yogurt mold, or baby food or even gourmet dog food containers. If my daughter was shopping with me, she would always tell me to stop it, and remind me why we were REALLY at the grocery store...
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    lol dbloomingdale, I do that too...also, I look at any display that is empty at the store as a potential soaping mold. When a display is empty, I sometimes ask for the box or odd plastic form the items were seated in...ha ha...funny
    • CommentTimeJan 19th 2015
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    6. You have to lock the soap stash away because the dogs like to chew on the soaps and DH likes to pull them out to look at them, therefore leaving them in a place where the dogs can get to the soaps.
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    HA HA Ha...I saw your pic with your Dog on the Blog andee, what a Lovable Pet!!