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    • CommentAuthorStubby123
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2014
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    Hi, Im wanting to try to make some body butters and wonder if there is a common percentage of soil butters to oils? I have the following butters, coconut, shea, mango and aloe vera butters and the following oils: avocado, safflower oils. I would like it to be like a whipped body butter, I don't want to add water so I don't have to use preservatives. Thanks for any help.
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    I see nobody answered you, AAAHHH, shucks. I wish I knew the answer. Hopefully somebody else will know it
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    I forget where I saw it but I read that when making body butters use 75% butters & 25% oils as a starting point. Depending on the consistency you get from there, you can add more oil or a little more butter to get it the consistency you want.
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    That actually would sound about right...then its not too soft, yet, you can get the benefit form the oils...good job boricua3177
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    thanks, Shelly!! That's usually the formula I use & tweak from there. :-)