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    My friend knows I make homemade soap and just bought some soap from me. She said "Hey Shelly, I have a girl at work who wants to know if you make Glycerin Soap because she is allergic to the bar soaps at the store and can only use Soap that is Mild for her skin and Glycerin"
    I laughed and said "That's what I just sold to you!!" ALL my soap is Glycerin Soap!! I had to explain to her that Artisan Handmade Soap has the Glycerin in it and the store bought soap isn't really TRUE soap to begin with. I LEAVE my glycerin IN my Soap...the manufacturers actually when they make soap, take ALL the Glycerin out to sell to other company's due to the fact that the Glycerin is more valuable than the soap is...then, in its place, they put back a little bit of the glycerin, and then add detergents and uses standard surfactants like Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate, Coco-Betaine, Peg-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, etc.
    The just of things is this...ALL homemade from Scratch Soap is a Glycerin Soap. If she is allergic, I am sure it could be that she is used to the soaps at the store that have all those icky ingredients in them that can make people itch and break out in rashes. Its one of the MAIN reasons I started making my own soap. I to have sensitive skin...and ALL my soap is mild and easy on the body. The difference is, if she KNOWS exactly what she is allergic too, I can create a bar around that. Meaning, SOME people are allergic to coconut oil...well then, I make a bar without coconut oil....some people are allergic to Fragrance your Love Spell, well then I can make soap using ESSENTIAL OILS...or just do a Soap that is Fragrance and Essential Oil Free...etc.....

    It just made me laugh at the ignorance of people. They aren't stupid, but they are led to believe allot of stuff that isn't true...She was thinking that I make the SAME stuff at the store, and that to get a mild soap bar, I had to do something super special. Wow..that was a very interesting conversation indeed.

    Have you ever had a NON soaping person say something to you that made no sense?
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    • CommentTimeDec 28th 2014
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    I started buying artisan soaps for the same reason... very sensitive skin. It's amazing what's in those big brand store bought "soaps". Even the one that says theirs is 1/4 moisture bar... I love choosing from the beautiful fragrances & exfoliating properties of handmade soaps. I wish more people would pay attention to what they're putting on their bodies, not just what they're putting IN their bodies. Hopefully more and more people will realize how bad many of the ingredients are in corporate soap and other beauty products and begin to use healthier, handmade products. :) People really don't know the difference between soap and detergents... hopefully that will change. I hope that she gets a bar of your soap! You might have a new customer for life.

    Even though I'm brand new to this craft... some of my extended family asked what all the supplies were for. I told them I was going to start making soap at home and I got very confused looks in return, then the question "Why would you buy all this stuff and go through the time to make your own soap when soap is cheap anyway?" I told them a lot of the same things you said above. Most people really don't know the difference...
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    lol Jerseygirl, I get the SAME weird looks. My one sister in law said I was going to MELT MY, her exact words, oh, and said I would explode my home, and that my landlord would kick me out for making soap in the home. lol..

    Even after I made soap for over a half a year, my friends thought that my soap was ONLY for doing laundry, and were confused at the thought that my soap could actually be used on the skin for a shower. Their are so many mis guided people out in the world. Oh I get this allot, "Why do you make soap when the Dollar Store has it for a Dollar" they think that it is ALL the same anyway....ha ha ha. It does get exhausting sometimes explaining why I do what I do but I don't mind so much explaining.

    I am handicapped too, paralyzed on the left lower side of my body from an accident, and I get the most puzzling looks when ppl find out I make soap. I tell them that my Husband doesn't most of the leg work, and that I help where I can. Then they are even more confused cause the time involved, I should jut buy it. I tell them it is WORTH the time involved, I know that my soap will NOT make me sick!!! plain and simple. I have so many issues with medications, and breaking out in rashes an all, and what I put into my soap I KNOW wont hurt me, and if anything, can give my skin and hair COMFORT. ya, its so worth it. So worth it indeed :-)
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    ArtisanShelly, I'm really happy to hear that you are able to do something you love after an accident like that! It sounds like you have a great husband and I love the fact that you work together. There is definitely a lot of work involved but it really is worth it. You're right about that. I still need to work on making a batch that I can actually use, lol.. but I can't wait to use that very first successful batch! I can imagine that getting to the point where you're able to sell what you work hard to make is very rewarding. Again, thank you for all the information and help. It's appreciated!
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    My favorite is "I can't use soap, I'm allergic to lye"

    Could you please leave my booth now, Thanks!
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    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    That made me laugh OUT LOUD...ha ha...Yes Susan, My own SISTER and her Family did that to me. To this day, she and her whole family will NOT even try my soap because of this statement:

    "We cant use your Soap sis, cause we have baby sensitive skin, and we can only use the baby shampoo in the store...Sorry, sis, but we have to use the safe for skin soap from the store cause we break out in rashes often from soap, so, ya, we need special Johnsons and Johnsons, so ya....sorry, please NEVER give our family your soap...we will just have to throw it away, we cant risk breaking out cause you use LYE"

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    The "I'm allergic" line happens all the time, and not just in connection with the lye. While it is my opinion that a lot of people think it's just cool to be allergic to stuff and they are just a bunch of hypochondriacs, I still smile and say: you know what, me too! That's why I started making soap in the first place. And I tell them about my castile soap and all my unscented ones.
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    I had to LOL at some of the posts in this thread! I have a skeptic in my own household & he is my husband! He doesn't like anything "new" & doesn't believe in homeopathic remedies (which I swear on). I just made my first ever batch of soap last week using the hot process method. I cut off an ugly end piece of my soap & gave it to my husband so he can wash his hands with it. I think I converted him now! He was asking me about other soqap smells that I could make for him.
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    Hey Artisan Shelly, Thanks for the specific explanation of commercial soap..I say, well my soap as a few good oils --no weird commercial stuff ( not so scientific!) but I wondered the exact formulation of commercial soap! There is lots of fear out there. Sorry your family won't use soap made with ....LYE...............................How many places can you stash soap around your house? Who has room for clothes in the dresser drawers when it's filled son asked me how long can soap keep before it's no good......!!!
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    Ya Chrima, I know what you are talking about!!

    Oh, and speaking of hypochondriacs, I have another set of friends who buys ONLY unscented everything...they are convinced that ALL scents, fragrance oil and Essential Oils allike, if it has a SMELL to it, it is BAD, ALL BAD...LOL, They dont want to "trust" my homemade products cause they smell too pretty and they feel like they will break out from using it. I said "Oh, that soap smells pretty cause I make a TEA using LAVENDER FLOWERS...and they said, well, we are all allergic to scents, so we cant use your soap cause it smells to pretty!! Oh Brother!!! Allot of Ignorance going around. Yes, my soap smells pretty, but it doesnt automatically mean that pretty smelling soap equates a skin break out will happen. All the explaining in the world about how Lavender is very MILD and that their are no scents added, just the LAVENDER TEA and a bit of LAVENDER EO...but to them, all smelling good products are forbidden cause they automatically believe that scents of any kind are what breaks them out.

    They still break out from time to time too...I am CONVINCED that their oldest daughter is allergic to Shea Butter...she gets itchy when she uses shea butter products, and then her Mom says out loud " Oh ya, we think the company who made that particualr lotion, we think they PUT some sort of scent into it cause she gets so itchy when using that lotion"
    I tried to tell them that maybe it was the shea butter, but they come back with this statement "Oh, we know its not the Shea Butter, thats a Natural Item, we researched that" And I was, and ya, what about the NATURAL ESSENTIAL OIL?? LOL...They dont get it, no matter what I say. Oh well...
    So, I just will give them soap that has NOTHING in it, and that it SMELLS LIKE If it smells good at all, they get scared. oh brother!!!
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    Boricua...I know what you are saying about husbands...My Husband, even tho he helps me with ALL the soaping cause I am paralized on my left leg, when he washes the clothing he expects it to Bubble up like store bought detergent, and it just doesnt work that way. Also, he is USED to washing dishes where you fill a sink up with water, making ALLOT of bubbles...and you put a whole load of dishes into it, and wash ALL that whole load and still have more bubbles in the sink water....he is so used to that. Where, when he uses our liquid soap, he has to place the liquid soap on a scrubby, and wash one plate at a time. He does get tons of bubbles, but he says that he MISSES doing a whole sink load where he gets the bubbles in the water. Ya, when Liquid Castile Soap hits a sink full of water, the bubbles start popping and you are left with a grey looking sink of water. Yes, it still cleans, but cause the bubbles are no thier, he THINKS The dishes Are not getting clean. So takes awhile to get family to change to a greener life style indee!!!
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    Hi Mozezone, My family, as in direct family, they love it...but its my extended family, as in ALL of them except for one Auntie of mine, they ALL have issues with us making soap. Its so sad and it makes me mad at the same time. I was near buliied by some of them to STOP making it. It was a Circus for awhile, and now, I just dont talk about it with NON of them. My Auntie just LOVES my soap, and feels like she is living in the lap of luxury, her words!!! My lotions, my soaps, my shampoos and conditioner....ya, she writes me all the time cause she lives in Washington and I live in ND. She says she has now given up ALL her skin care items from the walmart cause she just LOVES how her skin feels when she uses my stuff. She agrees that my extended family is just being silly for thier stupid demands that I STOP making soap.They really believe I will melt my lungs, or burn the house down...or get arrested for making, that was brought up too, believe it or not. So ya, you see why I just LOVE to be here, in a place of SAFTY AND SECURITY...yes, I just LOVE my soaping friends indeed!!! We all are like minded here, no matter what color our skin is, or what we believe politically, or if we are Rich or Poor, we ALL have the same struggles, and have a victory here and their that we can share with one another. Its is SO NICE to come her and talk shop and to feel accepted for the choosen hobby we all enjoy so much!!
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    OMG, Shelly....get arrested for making meth?!?!?!? ROFL!!!!! My husband made a similar comment like that when I got my lye in the mail! LOL!!!

    I think everyone in my immediate family (my mom, dad, step mom, sister) are really looking forward to when my soaps fully cure. I have a bunch of bourgeois people in my side of the family. LOL! On my husband's side, they are even more skeptical than my own husband!

    I don't care....I want to live more green, use natural things on our bodies, & eventually sell my creations. :-)
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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    A beurgeois is a middle-class (and upwards) Muslim born in a working class area of France to parents of North African origin, who continues to proclaim his roots and who is aged between 30 and 40 years old with a successful professional career, a high purchasing power and a demand for a certain quality of life.

    I had to look Bourgeois you mean your family has a demand for a certain quality of life? In that they are watching you to see if your soap making will "stack up" to their higher class way of living?

    That sure was an interesting research word...I hope I got your meaning right? :-)

    Yes, My extended family is just terrible...caddy even with their gossip about my soap making. ITS LIKE they are looking or waiting for us to get into some kind of trouble due to the fact we are now soaping. Oh my Goodness...Ppl have been soaping like forever!! But my Hubby and I do it, and you would think we are inventing the weel again, and also trying to blow our selves up in the process....Saturday I had my Brother over with his wife and 4 kids, we had to go around our house and HIDE all of our soaping prodjects just so that their would be no drama in the family over it later....oh brother...I hated doing that, this is MY HOUSE!! But if I Didnt do that, I would of gotten yet another lecture, and I am sure I would of gotten a call from my Step Mom later after the gossip were to get to her that we are STILL Soaping!!! Ya, its kinda hurtful and demeaning. I am 43 years old, and they act like I am litle kid playing with matches behind the couch!! Oh Well...So we put out our soaps again when they
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    More or less, my family can have exacting tastes. So I used the word "bourgeois" in the sense that they have champagne taste with a beer budget! LOL!!! So now that I am making soaps, they are excited about trying "fancy" stuff without the fancy price tag! ;-)
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    lol...I get it now Boricua3177!! thats funny...ha ha
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    I just joined here, I also get a lot of uninformed comments about soapmaking. People trust brands, it's all the money corporations put into advertising and the psychology behind the adverts. It makes people believe that if the products didn't come from the store or a known brand, they won't work. Same with moisturiser, toothpaste, conditioner, and everything else anyone has mentioned here. I don't know about you guys but ALL the personal care products I make work way better than store bought.

    Also I just wanted to add that the term boricua3177 used above is Bourgoise:
    "1560s, "of the French middle class," from French bourgeois, from Old French burgeis, borjois "town dweller" (see bourgeoisie). Sense of "socially or aesthetically conventional" is from 1764; in communist and socialist writing, as a noun, "a capitalist" (1883)."

    or from wiki:
    "The bourgeoisie includes a historical range of socio-economic classes. As such, in the Western world, since the late 18th century, "the bourgeoisie" is a social class "characterized by their ownership of capital, and their related culture"; hence, the personal terms "bourgeois" (masculine) and "bourgeoise" (feminine) culturally identify the man or woman who is a member of the wealthiest social class of a given society, and their materialistic worldview"

    Beurgeois is a pretty specific term and it is not used in the sense boricua3177 meant when she said bourgeois. Just a typo, but hey, while we're learning things might as well learn them right!
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    So nice to meet you margaretrosevogel

    You are right about how ppl trust store brands but dont want to consider trusting a DIY, us soapmakers DO make a better product then the store brands
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    I was thinking margaretrosevogel....if you have time, can you introduce yourself in the off topic sections? we have an introduction would be nice for ALL to get to know you better with some extra details. So glad you have joined!!!!!
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    So, here's my list of just a few of the odd things I have heard lately.

    My all time favorite! Do you have something w/o lavender essential oil? It makes boys grow breasts and my husband is really concerned that his pecs may look like boobs due to lavender in his shampoo, soap, etc. (Actually read the study that associated lavender with man boobs and it was ridiculous ... but how do you argue with media once they get a hold of it, right?!).

    I heard that glycerin soap is better than any other soap for your skin. You know, that clear stuff? ***Well, let's compare ingredients. While some really like a "glycerin" soap, it is not actually a natural soap. Let me help you sort out the details so you can understand the difference in what is on the market. (With that said ... M&P has a home in every soapmakers' cabinet!)

    Oh my gosh! Why didn't you tell me your shampoo bar has sulfates?!! I am furious that I bought this and it could have potentially caused me harm! ***K. Simmer down. Let me give you a lesson in sulfates. Sodium lauryl sulfates vs. sodium lauryl sulfoacetates, in particular (hope I spelled that all right!). I think you will be pleasantly surprised and more knowledgeable in you selection of other safe skin- and hair-care products once you hear the explanation. Ahhh, knowledge is everything!

    My daughter is really allergic to shea butter and your products have been the only thing she can use. ???? ****Oh Sweetie, let's talk. Most of my products contain shea butter. I am glad that she can use them but I would think she is allergic to something other than shea butter. If she is truly allergic to shea butter, she needs to stop using our products immediately. ***Just an example cause we hear all types of stories. Reality, there are a lot of people with skin sensitivities and it is really hard for people to sort out the culprit. People tend to find blame and go with it. I know I did with my daughter. Blamed it on cow's milk. Put her on soy milk for months. She is a vegetarian. Dang! Allergy testing showed that she is allergic to soy! And I use soy in my soap and most veggie options are soy-based! Lesson learned! I was poisoning her! Bad, bad, mom moment!

    Do you have anything that doesn't have fragrance? Oh, I see you have unscented, one w/o a fragrance, and one that is fragrance-free. I don't think I can use any of those! ***We get this one a lot and I am trying to figure out wording because, suddenly, everyone is confused. We always offer unscented in every product. But, that is not making sense anymore. ????

    Related to the last comment. This label says it doesn't have a fragrance. Well, that is not true! I can smell it! *** While we did not add a fragrance to this particular "unscented" product, every product will have a "smell" based on its natural composition.

    Love that natural smell, by the way! It takes me back to my home kitchen when I was a young mom and figuring things out to make soap for my children. Such adrenaline and energy! And nervousness!
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    These sorts of comments are worrisome to say the least! Media does not help. I've only begun to hear weird "superstitions" because I'm only giving my soap to family and friends right now. I do get it though. I'm Celiac and hear crazy things all the time! One restaurant "brushed" the gluten off their breadsticks for me..oy.

    Education is KEY! We, all soapers (and others), must be vigilant in educating our customers. But, we can't fix stupid; every time :/
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    wow, I will respond in a day or two when its less busy for me. Oh My how interesting indeed!!!!
    • CommentAuthorblyeager
    • CommentTimeMar 9th 2015
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    April, I agree with you. It is our job to educate our customers. I am glad that MMS has been confident enough to do this over the years for their customers. I appreciate that they, like me, take the time to read the studies and analyze them. Not just go with media-hype. Speaking directly to the paraben issue. It gives me more confidence in the purchases I make with them. When I hear something in the media, I always start searching for the original research data and subsequent studies. It pays to read everything first-hand (even if it sounds like a bunch of scientific jargon) and then make your own decision.

    You will always have people that are willing and interested in being educated. You will have those that insist they are the expert. And, you will have those that just latch on to whatever you tell them. The bottom line is that you can likely gain any one of their respect and trust by providing good, well-researched, and well-formulated products.
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    I had one comment recently that maybe you all can help with...

    My friend has a septic tank that recently had to be pumped. The guy that pumped it said there was a LOT of excess grease floating around in the tank. My friend is worried that by using CP soap that is superfatted that she is messing up the tank. She'd only been using CP soap for about 3 months by the time it was pumped. I think that one - that's not enough time to create excess grease floating in the tank; and two - that in my experience, thus far, CP soap cuts grease quite well, and there's not enough superfatting to ever be an issue. (She did tell me she's careful not to pour grease down the drain, she pours it into a bucket and disposes of it in the trash) I'm guessing that even after dumping her oils in a bucket there's still some left in the pan. Which she washes off with typical detergents.

    Has anyone ever heard of such a thing? Could CP soap be a culprit?
    • CommentTimeMar 11th 2015
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    I doubt it is the soap. Unless the superfat is over 10%, it is highly unlikely that it would cause the issue. If she is processing her own fat, it could be from laundry build up. If she is cleaning using bleach, follow up with milk so active bleach isn't going into the tank. Regular additions of bacteria can be a good thing for the septic system, but it doesn't have to be a full treatment. She can also research how to cultivate her own bacteria for adding to the septic tank.
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    Thank you :)
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    I'm so happy to read that you search for original sources blyeager when you hear a story in the media, the media is constantly (and I mean really constantly) getting it wrong when it comes to the gist of research papers. Sometimes in obscure ways that are difficult to discern, which is worrisome. And once it's out it's out, you are right (Andrew Wakefield anyone?) Can I just ask why it matters if you have excess grease in the septic tank? It gets emptied afterall. Is the grease harmful to the biodegradation that goes on in there?
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    I honestly don't know, don't have a septic system, just the guy that pumped my friends made it seem like a big deal to her. She did tell me after I relayed the above info that she does use a lot of bleach and that her husband forgets to feed the system with the bacteria stuff (ridix or something) for about 4 mths at a time...maybe these things aren't helping?
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    Using a lot of bleach with definitely do it. It kills the natural bacteria that are supposed to break down the waste in your septic tank. So does excess grease. Flushing handmade soap down your drain should have no impact other than positive. Imagine all the detergents people use. That's way more toxic for your septic tank and nowhere near as biodegradable.
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    Will share this with her too...thanks! :)
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    April....this was SO FUNNY what you said in your post above:

    One restaurant "brushed" the gluten off their breadsticks for me..oy.

    This made me laugh and laugh
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    Yes, Shelly, Celiac info has become mainstream but there's still so much the average person doesn't understand about gluten. That was only one of many things I face going out to eat. It's frustrating to have to hold a salad captive at my table while I ask for another without croutons. Then, there's the question and answer phase every time. Why can't I eat your mashed potatoes or green beans? Oh, you added chicken base loaded with gluten so it'll taste "better"? Why is there gluten in your ketchup? No I can't eat the fries you cooked in the same fryer as your onion goes on AND on and on...
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    I laughed at your comment, not AT YOU...but at the ignorance of others!! I had to serve my patients in the hospital this kind of food, celiac diet, and we even had to check the pop-cycles and jello before giving it to the patients because of the great problems any gluten would cause them. Its sad that "big" company's will use gluten in WEIRD places such at pop-cycles and Jello, just to add fillers to the food that act as binders, when they could choose more nutritious routes . Gluten is hidden in so many places...and yes, I for one LOVE my gluten, in the right balance of items, but for me....a good chewy gluten ridden pizza crust "IS THE BOMB"..I mean that in a good way. But I do NOT want to find it inside my yogartl
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    Funny story:

    I've a friend that I made a Tuberose bar soap for (amongst others). This morning she couldn't find it in the shower where she keeps it. She could smell it but looked and looked and no soap on the floor, behind the toilet, near the sink. Then she found it half submerged in water in the cup used to hold toothbrushes. She went and asked her husband if he put the soap in a cup of water. Nope. Then she asked her 9 year old son. Did he put the soap in a cup of water? Yep. She asked, well why in the world would you put my soap in the toothbrush holder and add water???

    He said because it makes the bathroom smell good!

    LOL. He's one of my favorite kids. So full of life. I could just see him defiantly stating the obvious. Too funny.

    She managed to rescue and dry her soap.
    • CommentAuthorblyeager
    • CommentTimeMar 23rd 2015
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    April, that it is such a cute and sweet story!!
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    I like stories like that gives a real HUMAN Side to soaping!!
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    Slightly off topic but relevant to media hype, fads, superstitions, etc...

    Fun read :)
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    FUNNY APRIL...HA HA HA....I read the whole article....and I agree with one of the commentary at the bottom of the article who said this:

    "Until there is a fast, ethical way to keep identical humans in a sealed chamber with entirely controlled diets for their whole lives, I doubt my concerns with dietary science will ever be addressed. As a result, I will just ignore most of it, eat what I think is a healthy diet which my family has eaten for generations, and get lots of exercise."

    ha ha....yeppers, nobody is in our home MAKING us eat a certain way. Every night for dinner, we are just like everyone else...."Whats for Dinner" ha ha ha....We hardly ever know until its finally created. MOST Americans have trouble planning the Evening meal, and somehow, we all get thru it, and on goes the next generation. Shucks, my grandparents lived to be almost a hundred years old, they ate bacon and eggs with pancakes and syrup. Had lots of REAL Butter and drank Milk Fresh from the Cow...yet, in today's world, we would NEVER be allowed to have unpasteurized milk, and butter, oh butter is baaaaaddd....and bacon, oh dearie, you will die young if you have bacon....and what do you mean pancakes...that's not allowed, look at the CARBS on those,

    BUT....HA HA HA....They also did work their butts off and had MOST of the chores done before school started, getting up at 4 am, had only a half a day of school because the Fields need to be plowed, and went to bed AFTER it was solid night. Ya...when you look at the kind of lives our Grandparents lived, they might of been able to EAT anything they wanted, but at the same time, they worked their tail feathers off. In OUR world, most ppl get up early, just so that they can take a shower or put the make up on before school, or work. Then the day us usually spent sitting on the but, or maybe standing at an air conditioned register if its walmart. Then home, have a snack and put the feet up cause ....oh, what a day they have, I guess if we had to actually WORK from 4 am till the dark of the night, we too could get away with eating absolutely anything we want too....ha ha. \\

    Good Read April. Interesting!!
    • CommentAuthorsoapbuddy
    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2015
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    Here is a poster I made for my craft table. Real handmade soap vs commercial soaps.

    Ivory soap has: sodium tallowate, sodium cocoate or sodium palm kernelate, water, sodium chloride, sodium silicate, magnesium sulfate, and fragrance.
    It's soap with the glycerin removed and milled under high pressure in commercial machines. The product's slogan, "99.44 % Pure", was based on the results of an analysis by an independent laboratory the founder's son, Harley Procter, hired to demonstrate that Ivory was more pure than the castile soap then available. Yes they float, because air is mixed into them. The fragrance is citronella.
    Dove Beauty Bar has: Sodium Lauroyl Isethionate, Stearic Acid, Sodium Tallowate, Sodium Palmitate, Lauric Acid, Sodium Isethionate, Water, Sodium Stearate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Palm Kernelate (Palm Kernel Oil), Sodium Chloride, Tetrasodium EDTA, Tetrasodium Etidronate, Maltol, Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891)
    Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Stearic Acid, Sodium Tallowate, Water, Sodium Isethionate, Coconut Acid, Sodium Stearate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Cocoate or Sodium Palm Kernelate, Sodium Chloride, Titanium Dioxide, Sweet Almond Oil, Rosewood Oil, Tetrasodium EDTA, Trisodium Etidronate, BHT, Cedarwood Oil, Rose Oil, Disodium Cocamido-MEA-Sulfosuccinate, Cetyl Alcohol, Tocopheryl Acetate.

    Dove is a synthetic bar and not a true soap. It is, however made with beef fat and a masking fragrance.
    In the commercial, the film on the glass they are talking about is from the natural glycerin in the soap (not soap scum) Glycerin helps retain your own body moisture and also draws moisture to you. However, commercial soaps, mostly detergents, strip your skin of all its oils. That is why you usually need to use a moisturizer after washing.

    Handmade soap uses pure ingredients, leaves the natural glycerin intact and has great creamy lather without stripping the skin. My soap is “true” soap according to the FDA guidelines.
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    Tell 'em, Soapbuddy! ;-)
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    YOU GO GIRL!!! We have to educate the Public...they are brain, lets "WASH" Those brains again...using REAL SOAP :-)
    HE HE....Good Job Irena!!