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    Hi Everyone!

    I am new to soap making & need clarification. I haven't made my first batch of soap yet but plan to ASAP. I saw a YouTube tutorial where the lady superfatted her HP soap after the saponification. So here is the recipe I plan on using as my first batch:

    Shea Butter - 16 oz
    Olive Oil - 10 oz
    Coconut Oil - 6 oz

    I want to make a very conditioning bar since I plan on using it for both kin & hair. I am aware that shea butter makes a hard bar & it also has unsaponifiable properties which is why I am using at 50%. I want to superfat by 8%, so I entered my numbers into SoapCalc but I on SoapCalc I had it calculate only 5% superfat so that I can add remaining 3% during my HP. My question is when calculating the final 3% of superfat, do I calculate 3% of my total oils or 3% of the entire batch including the water?

    I hope I made sense. LOL!
    • CommentAuthorTaylor
    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2015
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    I am going to tell you to stop using the SoapCalc. It is an ill suited tool for your needs. It has so many things that are misleading and unhelpful. Let's get you a tool that does suit your needs.

    Here is a link to our lye calculator.
    If we enter in your recipe, you will need 4.15 oz of sodium hydroxide for this batch of soap.

    As you are a beginner, may I suggest some excellent blog post I wish I had when I first started making soap? While these posts use the cold process method of making soap, the advice and recipes are still sound. We highly recommend that you make 20 batches of soap to your feet wet and get good practice. These recipes are good starting points. And as tempting as it is, I recommend your first 5-10 batches are unscented/uncolored.

    I hope this helps and happy soap making!
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    Hi Taylor,

    Thanks for the links!!!! It's a lot of information but it sure looks very helpful!!! I am definitely going to try some of these resipes you posted. Thanks again!
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    WOW TAYLOR!!!!! Thanks for the links!!!