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    • CommentAuthorJCsuds
    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2015
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    Hi I am new here I have 3 daughters and a wife with long thick hair (I am mostly bald ) and we want to get off the grid as far as shampoo and conditioners etc…. I am looking for some good shampoo bar soap recipes . I have been spending a couple of hours at night reading but I am not sure I am getting it .
    Or are there other hand soap recipes , or conditioner bars that you might have under your belt now that you could share ? I am particularly interested in ones with tallow .I have access to an abundance of Beef suet . I have heard that it can go rancid fairly quickly does anyone know what could added to the tallow to be a natural preservative that they have had experience with like Benzoin , ascorbate etc….I dont eat pork so the thought of washing in pig fat freaks me out but I do have access to a lot of Beef suet / and tallow (I do eat burgers occasionally ) I have not made my first batch yet but I am hoping to gain the wisdom of other soapers first Thanks in advance James
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    Its my understanding that Tallow can last a LONG time..I myself have 25 pounds of it sitting in my fridge, well wrapped. In the freezer it can go like 3 years...and one year in the fridge. I make lots of Tallow items too, I love it...I get ALL my Tallow for free from the local butcher shop. I hope you do too, so what, we have to render it....and problem here...I am a soaper, I make Natural Soap, this is what we do. The smell, oh well, their are LOTS of smells in soaping, but FREE smells good to me, and I get FREE Tallow anytime. Most meat shops will give it to you FREE or CHEAP if you ask nice. Plus, you can give them a bar of soap when you are done, they LOVE that perk, and will give you more FREE or CHEAP Tallow next time again. SMILES

    Nice to meet you JCsuds,...yes, do lots of research before doing a batch of soap...mostly in safty first...but dont wait forever, someday you will need to just prepare and do it...jump in an go for a batch of soap. Get one batch under your belt and after that you will be addicted...just be safe, thats the MOST important part to soaping. Being not safe, that can really hurt you bad. Dont let that scare you tho...when you are safe, the procedure is safe, all is good. Welcome!!
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    Oh, I see that some ppl might disagree with the leangth of time I would keep mine in the fridge and freezer, but this has come from not only research, but also myself doing this as trial and error...not the freezer, but the fridge part...Mine is STILL super good and has no issues...but ya, It DOES need to first be cleaned really really well in order for their to be no rancid parts to it. I hope this helps. I do see that you got help for this on another place here at this forum. This is my 2 cents on this subject. IT works for far at freezing it, I did find that you can freeze it for 1 to 3 years. Just make sure its not rancid before using it. like I said, my 2 cents, and my evaluation of it from using it myself
    • CommentTimeJan 19th 2015
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    Hi James - I know I answered your post a few days ago and now I see that it didn't make it. It's okay, I'll try again.

    It depends on how you render your tallow. If you have bits of meat left in it, it can go bad very quickly. I would suggest three rounds of rendering. The first one in water with salt added, the second one in water with baking soda added, and the third one in plain water. This should remove all gunk and odor and you should be left with beautiful hard clean tallow. I have kept tallow rendered like this out of the fridge for up to three months. However, that was because I did not have room in the fridge for the quantity I rendered at the time and it was wintertime, so I kept it in the laundry room where it was cooler than the house. If it were summer time and warm, I would still be taking a chance. So refrigerating it is probably not a bad idea. Or even pre-measured and pre-packaged in the freezer, if you do not use it up very quickly.

    As far as your shampoo bars go, tallow makes a wonderful bulk base fat. You can formulate your recipe with up to 30% coconut oil and 5% castor oil and maybe a special emollient oil of your choice (optional). I also add a pinch of raw silk to the lye water. I recommend hot processing the shampoo bars. I don't know why, but for some reason they seem to work better for me if they are hot processed. At the end of the cook, I add panthenol, wheat protein and soy protein and botanical extracts (from MMS) along with essential oils for fragrance. The final bars when cured for about 3 weeks will measure between 7 and 8 on the PH scale with MMS test strips and work wonderfully on hair without that sticky "washed-with-soap" feeling and easy to comb afterwards. If conditioner is needed for the long thick hair, your ladies may try an ounce of organic apple cider vinegar in a cup filled up with luke warm water to pour into hair after washing with soap, work it in and let sit for a minute and then rinse. This makes for wonderful healthy shiny hair.

    If vinegar isn't palatable, you might want to check the MMS blog for conditioner recipes.

    Hope this helps. Feel free to ask any questions, I'd be happy to help.
    • CommentAuthorTaylor
    • CommentTimeJan 19th 2015
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    You have some good questions. The key to replacing your liquid shampoos will be to have a smooth product that does not raise the cuticles on the hair shaft. This is not easily done. Each person has a preference regarding what should be done with their hair, I think that will be a testing hurdle because one may like it but the others don't.

    I will let other chime in with recipes and things they have tried. Here are a few links to the things I have tried.

    I have had some success with each of them. However, results are entirely dependent on whether you are using hard or soft water, rinsing with something acid and using conditioners. Also hair types and preferences with determine preferences. I have very fine hair and was not the biggest fan of the High Lanolin Content Soap for my hair. I did love it for my skin though. I know people with very coarse hair and some loved it as a shampoo bar. The unfortunate part is it comes from trial and error.

    I recommend reading this post so you can adjust these recipes so you can use the Tallow that you have on hand.

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    Thanks Chrima and Talor....Good Information all around!!
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    Thank you for sharing this views...