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    • CommentAuthorMaryT8M
    • CommentTimeFeb 7th 2015
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    I read with GREAT interest Taylor's Valentine Blog post, about adding MMS Grape colorant directly to the lye water, in order to control the color.......I'm SO excited to try this. I Love, Love, Love the Grape colorant, but because it starts out BRIGHT blue when mixed with a little water (and it also says in the catalog that it stays blue in M&P) it's hard to tell just how purple my soap batter will morphs to a grayish prior to turning purple in the CP soap.

    Today I'm actually going to try for the lovely pink that Taylor made!

    Can other colorants be added right to the lye water......IF you want a solid color batch?
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    Subbing!!!! This is definitely a good question & something I can learn from!
    • CommentTimeFeb 9th 2015
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    I'm interested too...thought I was commenting on this in another thread. Can micas be added to lye? I've only tried teas and silk. Won't do silk again (hhorrid smelly). But like the liquid silk. I wonder if adding color ( specifically the powder kind) would indicate actual color in soap. I've had a couple that changed completely. Would adding color directly to lye be more indicative of final outcome of color?
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    I would answer, I have looked at this many times my Soapy Friends..I just do NOT know the answer here...Hopefully somebody knowledgable in this situation will pop up an answer :-)
    • CommentAuthorTaylor
    • CommentTimeFeb 10th 2015
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    It can be helpful and it can not. For things like our dyes, the color is dependent on the pH and how much color was used. In this case, adding the color directly to the lye solution is not an issue.

    Micas are different. Some are not soap stable. (There are even some that react when added to soap. Checking on whether a certain mica is safe in soap with your supplier is very important.) If you are familiar with your mica, you can certainly try it but for non-water soluble materials, I add them to my oils. Then I mix my oils, dispersing the color. Once my color is dispersed, I add my lye solution.

    Here is how I approach color in my soap. Water soluble items can be added to my lye solution or are added with my fragrance. Pigments, micas and oil soluble colors are either added to my oils or some oil is reserved for mixing my color then added to the soap when I add my fragrance. This helps prevent clumps of color in my soap. Does this help? I feel like it is clear as mud.

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    I like that saying Taylor "Clear as Mud"!! Makes me think about a sat. night live tv show where they did Clear, yes, thanks so much for the help here indeed Taylor!
    • CommentAuthorMaryT8M
    • CommentTimeFeb 11th 2015
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    thanks Taylor