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    I am NOW a loyal customer to you not only for your FREE Gifts that you have sent to me, but along with your great customer service, and your super helpful forum!!!! My Heart has reached out to MMS and MMS and its forum have reached out to me. I feel as if MMS has helped create an atmosphere that is like a family. I appreciate you guys and gals so very much!!! Every-time I have a problem creating something, I can either talk about it here on the forum for great answers, or I can get help directly from MMS!!! Majestic Mountain Sage has answered every one of my questions and helped me to understand the products I buy from them. Also MMS have helped me along with all kinds of answers in the creation of some great items. I have made alot of personal and sell-able items with the great email help back and forth to the company. In-fact, I am now saying thank you on the FORUM in a public manner to Magestic Mountain Sage along with the People that make up this Forum!! I can always get online and have a very nice time talking to the other Soapers on the Forum. I have made some great friends, and had some interesting conversations. I hope you all at MMS and ALL on the Forum, Have the Best Year EVER!!!
    Artisan Shelly
    • CommentTimeMar 11th 2015
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    I'll second that.

    I've stepped away from social media for the most part (I am here). Life put a few little bumps in my way and I decided to step back and evaluate. I find myself enjoying the conversation and challenges here as a bit of healthy diversion where I might actually receive something valuable in return. I am. I'm researching, stretching, learning, and making new friends (at least one so far). I hope this is a long and fruitful journey.
    • CommentAuthorblyeager
    • CommentTimeMar 11th 2015
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    I got involved in a soapmaking forum when I was learning to make soap. The friendships I formed have lasted over 13 years. I consider the bonds I made with a couple-of-handful of individuals pretty important, still. We have been through good and bad times together in our personal lives. We have met up in person, even though we live hundreds of miles a part. That is the most important thing I have gained from being involved in a forum ... the friendships.

    But, I also would not be where I am today w/o that network of learning, knowledge, and sharing. These forums are important for a lot of reasons. That is why I am here. I want to give back to a company I value and a system I value.

    Although a long-time customer, I would jump on the website and place an quick order. It took me a while to realize I could access a blog and forum. I was busy. Needed to order quickly. So, one day, I jumped on to the blog and forum to check it out. The first post on the forum that I saw was something about "Why doesn't anyone post here anymore?" That made me very sad. I didn't read the thread ... didn't need to. What a downer! So, I read other threads that better explained to me the nature of the forum. You are such a great group of soapmakers and are willing and ready to share your experiences related to soapmaking and other products --- and life happenings. You also have an amazing staff at MMS who is so helpful by answering questions. It is a team effort at the MMS forum and I LOVE that!

    It just seems like a positive and giving atmosphere and one that can build on the exchange of knowledge and sharing. But, also grow that family that both April and ArtisanShelly mentioned and an environment that I have benefited from over the years.
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    This is definitely a great place to learn!! I second that as well, Shelly!
    • CommentTimeMar 12th 2015
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    I can't thank all of you enough for these kind words. Some days, I get worried about how things are perceived and how our customers feel. It is discussions like these and comments that we receive in orders that make the day much brighter for all of us here. While I've met some of you and talked to others over the phone, I feel like I've learned a lot by the questions you ask me. I keep learning! Thanks for being here!