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    • CommentAuthorMaryT8M
    • CommentTimeApr 17th 2015
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    I am SO Prize package from the Winter Challenge arrived was kind of a crummy, overcast, rainy, and noting much was going the way I planned (My dog peed on the carpet, and I broke my LAST sewing machine needle, THEN I had to make a second trip to the grocery store to buy 1 ingredient I needed to make dinner for8 people).....anyway getting the package from MMS really came at the PERFECT time!

    It contained a HUGE slab/tray clear hard plastic mold that makes 16 BIG bars. Each 'cavity' says HANDMADE. I also got the new Icy Water FO.....and let me tell you it smells WONDERFUL! Then on top of that I got a very nice note (and info about the credit in my account) from Taylor! This REALLY made my day! I was so afraid it would arrive when I was out of town.

    THANK you (all at MMS) again! You have no idea what this means to me!
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    Oooohhhh, you got some cool stuff!!! congrats again!!!
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    And I too received my prize package yesterday whenI rreturned home from 3 weeks away. The tray is indeed HUIGE! The scent is so yummy. Thank you again MMS .
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    yea for you, so happy for you indeed Mary!!
    • CommentAuthorMaryT8M
    • CommentTimeApr 30th 2015
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    Thank you Shelly, I have yet to place my order.....I keep changing my mind! This week I'm sewing for my pregnant daughter, she has a business/training trip scheduled (kind of last minute) and of course 'has no clothes to wear'........or so she tells her hubby. Shopping hasn't gone well, so the last resort is sewing
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    Ya, I had homemade clothes when I was pregnant too. Sometimes that is the best route. Pregnancy clothing can be super expensive. That is nice of you to do that for her. :-)