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    I have shared one of my soap bars with a friend who owes a retail (actual second hand store) who is interested in selling my soaps. I have no experience in this area and would like all feedback information if anyone can help with this topic. I've done a little research on this topic and so far its overwhelming to me. There's so much paper work to deal with. Any I wasn't in a hurry to go down this road since I have no knowledge of this type of sale. Thank you in advance for all the help you can give. Diana
    • CommentTimeMay 18th 2015
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    Sorry Diana :( I've no experience selling yet. So far, I just give away everything I make (even my "orders" - which are becoming frequent!) Still. Not quite ready to put my stuff out there yet. I will follow along to see if I can learn anything here also :)
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    • CommentTimeMay 19th 2015
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    I sell mine on consignment. Perhaps you could sell them to her and she can hike the price. Consignment can be a pain. I sell to my local dentist and give him a discount. I figure it promotion. How much do you sell your soap for? And how much does it cost for one bar? From there you can make a good decision. Hope others chime in.
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    One way you can handle this is to sell the bars DIRECTLY to the store owner. Meaning, if she wants a nice display of soaps, you will first need to do what Stubby suggested, find out YOUR cost However, this would be if say YOU are selling your bars directly. The store owner would be either wanting to buy the bars from you cheap enough, but yet high enough where your costs are still covered and yet you still are making a profit, and the store owner can jack up the price some so that he/she can make a profit as well.

    If your cost is at say for an example $1.00 per bar to create and you will be selling her 20 bars...You sell the bars to the Store owner at twice your cost, so that your cost is covered and you have made a profit of $20 dollars. You might suggest to the store owner what the average going rate is in the market place and give her a suggested selling price. That would require a bit of homework, cause different sections of the USA Sell for different prices. I used to be an over the road truck driver and I can remember seeing a 4 Ounce bar of homemade soap having a price tag of $10.00 down in The State of Florida. Where when I was South Dakota, at Mount Rushmore, I ALSO Saw soap that was homemade and at the same 4 ounce sized bar being sold for a whopping $8.00 a bar!! But Now when I traveled Washington I went to a fruit stand that also sold homemade soap the soap at the fruit stand was going for $4.00 for a 4 ounce bar and she sold 6 ounce bars for $6.00 a bar and she also had a deal going where you could buy 2 bars o soap that were 6 ounces each for a sale price of $11.00.

    Florida I have found, sold any soap bars at HUGE prices due tot he fact that Florida has a lot of different rules for soap and skincare that make it really tough to sell products in Florida. The government in Florida does not make it easy for the Artisans. Plus, they also have a huge influx of visitors to that state and jack up their prices ANYWAY!! Where, I used to live at Mount Rushmore, that area I mean, and they have a huge tourist season in the Summer, so the prices of Handmade soap are pretty high. Where when I went to this side of the road place in Washington and pulled my Semi Truck over to get me some fresh fruit, it was in the middle of practically nowhere!! Her prices on the fruit were cheap yet fresh produce was at a perfect peak and I could buy some soap at about a dollar an once, which I did!! I still remember the bar of soap I bought :-) It was The month of October and I bought a Pumpkin Spiced bar of soap along with some pumpkin spice pie!! We loaded up on a bunch of fruit for our breakfast the next morning too.

    Anyway, I said all of that to point out that the suggested cost that you give to the store owner for selling your soap, will greatly depend on location of the store in regards to the area of the USA, and the normal tourist flow for that area. The store owner may or may not know the "numbers" for her area if she has not already been selling soap. It would help if you had a general idea of the going rate for the area the soap will be selling at. Also, you might even end up adjusting YOUR profit+ margin more or less depending on location too.

    This information MIGHT help you...its not everything you need, I know that, but if what I said I truly hope it can help you. I think because I have had brick and mortar stores, internet stores, owned a small fleet of Semi Trucks and have traveled to every state in the USA...I have seen it all and have a different insight on this country as a whole that may be very different than MOST.

    I do NOT have all the answers, and for that matter the way the laws change....ha ha ha...I feel like I know NOTHING at times. But what I do know is ppl and locations the general economy of a lot of areas due to traveling and living on the road as well as owning my own business. So...ya, I will help where I can and hopefully others can jump in and help as well. I am NOT online like I used to be. My life is a bid more busy now and took on a new direction. Saying that, I pop on here when I can. I hope you have the BEST TIME EVER on your new Journey selling your soap!!!
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    First of all thank you April, Stubby123, and ArtisanShelly for all the feedbacks. I am sorry I've been away from the forum. My husband and sons went camping for the holiday and it didn't turn out so good (long story, but you get the short version.) ** Anyways turns out I thought I was talking with the owner of the store. Turns out she wasn't the owner. ( I would go into the store on Sundays) The real owner called me this past Friday wanting to know if I wanted the items I had asked her to put aside for me when she got them in. I had asked her how did she like the soap I gave her and to my surprise she said what soap? Well I said I thought I was leaving a sample to the owner of the store. She laughed and said no that was someone she hired. So, now I'm embarrassed. I will go in to purchase my items because I need them. But should I take in another sample for her (the real owner? but I'm not quite ready for whole selling my soaps yet) or should I just explain to her what I do? Any advice would help.
    • CommentTimeMay 28th 2015
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    Take her some soap :) You don't have to explain, just gift it to her. If she likes it, maybe she'll start the conversation. Maybe not. Take your time and when you're ready it'll happen :)
    • CommentAuthorDebi B
    • CommentTimeMay 28th 2015
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    You shouldn't be embarassed. Exploring opportunities is how we learn. You have a tool for selling: find out who makes decisions.

    I was approached to teach soap and lotion making classes a year ago. The lady was so enthusiastic, it was infectious. In the end, though, it turned out that the place she chose for the class was also used for food prep. Owner said *nope*. I was grateful not to have invested in class supplies and I learned something important: find out who has authority to make agreements for services or goods.
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    Oh ya, give her some soap!!! I say GIVE...just to give. No need to explain, just say " Hi, I made some soap, thought I would share with you, I hope you like it. Ok then, Just thinking of you and YOU were on my mind today. Have a Fantastic rest of the week!!"

    Yep, she will say "Thank you, how sweet of you"

    Then next time you see her, you have JUST made a friend :-)

    If soaping is an opportunity to make new friends, that alone is worth doing. If you soaping opens up NEW doors for me, You will KNOW when it is time to walk thru the door. Just because a door is in front of you, doesnt mean you have to open it. But ya, make a new friend. Nothing wrong with that, nothing wrong with that at all :-)
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    Thank you ladies. Sorry for being away from this topic that I posted. My hubby's truck broke down. We had to buy a new one. The old one's engine blew up. And now that the kids are home for the summer and they friend arrived and is staying with us until the end of summer. I will be perfectly honest haven't had a chance to make any new soap. I need to kick myself for not getting any soap made. I will take all your ideas ladies and when I do finally get back in there I will have soap in hand.:)