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    • CommentAuthorMachins
    • CommentTimeMay 18th 2015
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    I bought 16 oz of grapeseed oil to make a heel balm. I used only a few oz and I've been reading up on grapeseed oil and now realize it has a short shelf life. What's your favorite thing to use grapeseed oil in? I made a quick face serum and mixed it with tamanu oil and some eo. I've read it's great for scrubs also.
    • CommentTimeMay 18th 2015
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    Grapeseed oil is also fantastic in salads!
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    Grapeseed Oil is also Fantastic pan frying some fish..we have done Salmon all the way over to fish we catch in the Lake
    • CommentTimeMay 21st 2015
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    Scrubs and lotions.
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    Well You can use it in Soap making as well. Just becuse something has a short life does not mean it WONT work in a soap. Hemp Oil is a short lived oil, yet is fantastic in you see, you can use it really in ANY application that you may want from cooking with your grapeseed oil all the way to using it in skincare applications for lotions, scrubs, serums, balms and soaps. Just know that the items you make will have a shorter life, but thats ok too. Grapeseed Oil is a fantastic oil. If you make allot of something, that will just end up being some great gifts. PPl love homemade items as gifts. You dont even need a reason to give gifts to your friends and family. Just say that you made this for them and that its an I LOVE YOU Gift...or a...FRIEND Gift....etc....anyway, just have fun using that oil as you can use it in all kinds of products. Just have fun and short life or not, it still can be used and enjoyed. Just be watchful of its shelf life, but still enjoy your oil.