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    • CommentTimeMay 31st 2015
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    Is it possible to put the INCI name on the label of the product? It would make it so much easier for us to write down and make up our own labels when creating the product, rather than having to go online and looking things up.

    Just a thought . . .
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    oh please...I totally second this...infact, I super duper second this. I wont mention a certain product...but lets just say I have had a time and a half with one of your products getting the actual CORRECT INCI name for it. It is because for SOME products, it can go either way for SOME INCI names....and this can get confusing for myself and my customers. So, pretty please consider it??

    I do know that in your catalog you offer the INSI Names....but, it just would save a huge step in having to look the names up, when if it was right on the bottle, that would be fantastic. I know, more work for you and you guys are so busy...well, please just think about it is all. You would have MANY Customers who would appreciate it.
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    Chrima and Artisan Shelly have you ladies tried "SoapCalc". you just put in the information into the calculator and there's a section where it lets you print out a list of INCI names for labels.
    This is a great tool. I run all my recipe through the Sage's lye calculator and SoapCalc for double checking. These are some great websites. Good luck.
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    yeppers, sure do...I use MMS and SoapCalc.