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    • CommentTimeMay 31st 2015
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    My daughter requested this. The newest fad in hair care, riding the wave of the no-poo method. I went online and looked at some of those products and the prices totally made my jaw drop. Anywhere from $ 20 - $ 40 a bottle or even more.

    So today, I had time to do a little experimenting. Yesterday, I had made a batch of liquid soap, 100% coconut, 0% superfat. Today, I mixed that liquid soap with conditioning emulsifier, some botanical extracts, proteins and some special oils and gave it a whirl and washed my hair with that mixture. The first go around left my hair completely over-conditioned, oily and stringy, so that was a no-go with my fine baby hair, although I can see where this would totally work for someone with coarse, curly and frizzy hair. So I mixed a bit more of the liquid soap into the concoction and washed again. I could feel the difference while lathering up already. The stringiness went away while lathering. By the time I rinsed, I could feel the softness. I towel dried and combed and ended up blow drying because I wanted to see the final result fast. I have shiny, silky, soft and bouncy hair now that will put the Pantene commercials to shame.

    So this can totally be done. Next step - a solid version of this, so I have a way of packaging it and marketing it.
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    well good job!! wow...ya, I was gonna say first when I read that you did a liquid soap at 0%, that would kind of harsh on the hair...but then I kept reading where you added all those GREAT additions....and ya....I can SEE exactly where you are going with it. Yeppers, right track indeed. No need to buy that silly NO POO stuff for all that crazy money....thats right, make your own and make your daughter happy...YOU GO GIRL!!!

    I hope you come up with a solid version, like you said, and put those silly companies out of business!!!

    I just got done reading an article I found last week that said you can take the following mixture and make a NO POO product:

    1 part shampoo mixed with 3 parts conditioner.

    Ok...thats what I read....does it work? I do not know....but it sounds like you DID get it to work in your own formula...YEA FOR CECE!!! I am rooting for you :-)

    (good idea on your mix of hair additions if I say so myself....good job!!)
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    I have made a cleansing co-wash too! I made one last week. I boiled soap nuts with rosemary with aloe liquid & used that as my liquids. I then used the following additives: honeyquat, Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine (which has bubbling properties & cleansing properties - it bubbles up too!), silk amino acids. As for the oils, I used sweet almond oil, coconut oil, & shea butter (in low percentages). I love it with Giselle's hair, it cleans her hair very gently & not drying at all.

    The kind of cleansing co-wash I make is tailored more for ethnic hair that is porous & more coarse. But so far I have gotten good reviews from my niece & that child has serious hair! ;-)
    • CommentTimeJun 1st 2015
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    I found out very quickly that the ratio of co-washes really does depend on the hair. My first version left my hair very stringy and greasy. I have very fine baby hair. But it would have been totally awesome for some more coarse curly hair. With the addition of more liquid soap, I was able to get it to where it left my fine hair less oily and more fluffy.

    By the way, I did have some success with a solid version. I took one of my shampoo bars and grated it up. My shampoo bars already contain the extra oils (at 10% superfat) and the proteins and the panthenol, all the good hair stuff, so all I added to it was some BTMS. I did 3 parts soap and 1 part BTMS. I melted the shredded soap in a Pyrex measuring cup with plastic wrap over the top on power level 5 for about 4 minutes. That was enough to sprinkle in the wax beads and stir a little bit, then pop back into the microwave on the same power level for another couple of minutes to melt it all. Then stir really well and very quickly. May have to melt again for a little bit to be able to mold because it sets up very very quickly. I molded into small mini bars so I get to test out and have my daughter test out as well. I did wash my hair last night (for the third time in the day) and after the initial trouble getting some off the bar, I was able to get it going. It doesn't later as much as the shampoo bar would on its own, but it does work into the hair nicely. The trick is to get the bar wet and let it be wet a bit at first. It does rinse out and leave the hair totally conditioned and easy to comb.

    I am going to try this out by adding melted BTMS to some hot processed shampoo bar soap after the cook and stirring well before molding. Maybe with the addition of some sodium lactate to keep from getting too lumpy. Will have to be a small test batch, but that has time, got some other things that take priority. Will update when I get there.
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    Ok Yall..
    I just had to delete this DOUBLE POST, the website is starting to do that thing again....oh oh!!

    I noticed Christines post did this someplace else too today.
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    Ok, I JUST jumped on this SAME band wagon too

    Here is what I did:

    I make my OWN version of a Hair Conditioner/Masque Treatment. It is very thick. I also make my OWN Version of Liquid Shampoo following along the lines of the Glycerin Method, making Liquid Soap at a 3% Superfat, but then I add in all kinds of Good for your Hair extracts like Horsetail to name one along with Hair Vitamins, Silk, Protein and some Other good for your hair additions.
    Then...I took 3 PARTS of my Hair Conditioner/Masque Treatment and 1 Part of my Botanical Liquid Shampoo. I mixed it together and I just got done washing my hair with it the NO POO, I actually had to look up the directions online on how to wash my hair!

    Anyway, my hair was SOFT, CLEAN, MANAGEABLE AND EVEN SHINY!! I did what Cece, I blow dried my hair cause I was excited to see what would happen. I hardly EVER do that, I am a blow dry once a year or so type girl, but this was something I could not wait on and I was reading all the FUN that everyone else was having and I wanted to jump in....ha ha.

    Anyway, I even styled my hair...ha has a pretty black antique hair comb in it holding back my bangs and I experimented with different brushes and combs to see what would comb my hair the best. lol...everything worked the same, my hair was so soft I could of just used my fingers to comb thru it. I will say this....I had wondered if I NEEDED to go a bit MORE on the Shampoo part instead of a one part that I did....but...I am going to give it a few hours and see how my hair adjusts to the rest of the evening. So far...ya, I will NOT be needing to change the recipe and it feels SPOT ON.

    I DID decide to rinse my hair with really cold water. I read online that this is one of the things to do with the NO POO Way of doing hair. This locks in your hairs normal oils and also makes the hair more Shiny, naturally.

    My hair is Fluffy Soft and NOT Stringy....The reason I will WAIT to give my final call on if it worked or not, is that I am on high doses of pain medication to keep me from not "loosing it"...from the pain. So I need lots of medicine. Anyway, this tends to affect my hair and my skin..I get prone to getting oily hair and skin FAST due to the drugs....if I still feel "CLEAN" In a few more hours, then I will know that this worked for me.

    How Exciting Indeed!!!! lol....I even added some water to may hair....BEFORE I tried to rinse my hair see if I could get it to bubble. And would just do a super light lather, super light. And it DID rinse out completely with leaving soft manageable hair even in the shower. I could run my fingers thru my hair, AND it was clean and soft.

    Ok...this left me Surprised. ..I was totally surprised and I am still not sure what is going on here as I just did NOT think it would work.

    SURPRISE!!!!! Ha ha.
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    This is a really cool thread! Loving it!

    You all are so inspired and inspiring. :-D
    • CommentTimeJan 13th 2016
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    Hi Chrima, there has been an awful lot of talk about shampoo lately and I'm itching to experiment. I was considering playing with BTMS in a couple of recipes. I was thinking of attempting a recipe where I might actually add it in before saponification and went on a mad internet search to see if this were even possible. There's at least one bar I found for sale that includes BTMS. During my mad search, I came upon this thread you posted a while ago...I see you added it to the liquid soap and that's another thought I was thinking of...(you probably put that thought in my head!) I was wondering if you could help a bit with percentages in the mixed up after version. I've fine hair also and don't want to go super crazy with it. Would you recommend something along the lines of 1-2% or more? Thank you :-D