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    So a little over a month ago I had made a nice sized order with MMS in which I ordered 2 of their plastic soap spoons. First off, I want the world to know that these spoons are quality made!!! I have been abusing them & they have not melted, warped, or burned at all. They get the job done. I especially love using them when diluting my LS or stirring my HP soap.

    So, yeah, go to MMS's site & get yourself some soap spoons! ;-)
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    Ya, I DO Think that MMS Needs to get a special place set up for ppl to do product reviews...someplace official like. Cause right now it is here and their....this place, that would be nice to go someplace official where ppl can say they love the product and why....and or do not love it, and why....and somehow rate the will really help ppl to shop better. Now,, because Monica gave a Product Review, I am NOW thinking of actually buying those soap spoons. So ya, do product reviews help the customer? You Betcha!!

    Way to Go Monica!!!!!! Thanks for doing a Review!!!
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    I know, right? I think MMS should add "Product Reviews" to their categories in this forum. Then, at least, there is a place to write about them. :-)
    • CommentTimeJun 12th 2015
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    You asked and we've delivered! Product Reviews section is now up!
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    Thanks, Andee!
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    WOW!!!! Thank You SO MUCH Andee!!! Way To Go!!!
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    Last weekend was the first time I made soap this year. Truth be told, I didn't make any last year either. I decided to "use what I have" including a MMSage FO that I've had for :::gasp::: THREE YEARS. It had been stored, unopened, in a cool & dark location. I completely expected it to have morphed into something other than the original fragrance. Perhaps along the line of vomit.

    What a wonderful SURPRISE!!! It smelled great. I used all of it in the soap pot. Now, I don't know if this particular FO was known to accelerate trace at the time of purchase and I don't know if it was even a contributing factor, but my soap traced in 8 minutes by just hand stirring. However, the soap I made yesterday with MMSage FO from the same purchase three years ago was also just fine and the soap did not trace quickly.

    Gotta love the quality!
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    Now, THAT'S impressive!! Yes, you do have to love quality!
    • CommentAuthorlogansama
    • CommentTimeJul 7th 2015
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    Hey all, I want to share about a fragrance oil that is just lovely! I've soaped since sometime in the '90s, then set all my stuff aside for several years. Got the bug again and started again last year. So a few weeks ago I decided to do some test batches on a bunch of old fragrances I had sitting around. I mean...OLD fragrances. LOL! I tested 8 oils, a mix of mostly what I thought would work nicely for masculine bars, and last minute, I decided to test Oak Leaves and Acorns.

    I wasn't in love with it OOB which is why is languished for years, but once it was in the soap, I started liking it. Now 4 weeks into the cure, its hands down my favorite of the fragrances I tested! I don't even know how to describe it...earthy, woody and floral with a bit of green. I was going to use up my oil on a batch for my friend, (his name is Oak) but now I think this one is going into my inventory.

    No discoloration and I added the FO when the soap was at thick trace, and it didn't seize, which I honestly expected. I can't wait to try this with fresh oil!

    Thank you!
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    Grrr...I did it again. Hit the doen button when I went to hit the up. So sorry Logansama. But, I love your post. Never thought a fragrance would change for the better. I have a couple to try now!
    • CommentAuthorsudzclf
    • CommentTimeNov 13th 2015
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    I have been ordering from MMS for several years, want to say I am Always happy with my products and packaging.Really like how the oils are package in tubs and sturdy bottles. Never have had a product broken in shipping. Can't say that about some other companies. Also, the speed that the order are shipped out are awesome. Can't believe how fast they are delivered. When I have e-mail a question there is a answer right away. I hope to be able to visit one day and let them know how much I have enjoyed their site. Love the blog and forum!
    • CommentAuthorDebi B
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2016
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    Argan Oil
    I bought argan oil to use for the very first time. I love it in my beard oil formula.