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    Thats It, Thats It, I have HAD IT!!!!

    I bought a skincare book back in 2012, and the recipes are hit and miss for me. I do not want to talk bad about the Author, as I do not want to be the one to hurt any of her sales. BUT!!! My goodness!!! ALL her recipes are done up in Ounces and NOT done up in Percentages....I would be fine if she would of done what MMS does, I LOVE LOVE LOVE The way that MMS Offers up All Three...the Ounces, the Grams and the Percentages. Saying that, I have some fails when I do up the recipes in the lady's book for the LAST TIME!! I keep reading online that if you have trouble with a recipe, and the lotion is a fail, then go back and add everything up again and make sure that it comes up to 100%. I get that and I LOVE the way MMMS has taught me this and ALL of their lotion recipes add up to 100%. WAY TO GO STAFF AT MMS!!!

    So, you might be saying to me: "Whats the Problem Shelly? Just turn your Ounces or Grams into Percentages and away you Go"!!

    Great!! Fine!!! Love that Advice!!!

    Problem is, I just do NOT know how to do that Soapy Math. I Promise I am not being one of those ppl that just give up on a situation and ask everyone else to do MY LEG WORK!! I have searched and searched in Soapy Books, Asking Others for Advice, and even tried over and over again to figure out the math, all on my own. But for the SOAPY LIFE I HAVE....I have absolutely no clue how to do the conversion. And short of throwing my goopy lotion that did NOT emulsify against the wall, I decided to just stop, take a deep breath, and finally break down and ask for some help. I mean, that's what a Forum is for, right? To get help when one needs it. But I feel so stupid asking for MATH HELP. I mean, I went to School...right??!!!! I even went to Collage!! TWICE...ha ha...One for Advertising Sales, and another one to become a Chef. So you would THINK that I would know how to do the simplest thing like convert ounces into a percentage...right? WRONG!!

    So, can somebody be so kind as to help me figure out HOW to convert ounces into A Percentage, or Grams into a Percentage. Thanks so much!!

    Just to help YOU OUT...the one, or the Many that is willing to help me out, I have included just ONE of the many recipes that are NOT working in this so called skincare book that I bought in 2012. Like I said, some of her recipes work, but many do not, And I mean do not at all. So, either it is a math issue, Or I am somehow making the mistake all on my own. ha ha...It sure could be my mistake....haha...remember not to long ago my soapy friends, I was the one who used BEE WAX as an emulsifier and I could not figure out WHY my lotion did not work...haha....I accidentally replaced BEE WAX in place of my Conditioning, it does happen....

    I will post the recipe in the NEXT box...but if somebody can help me in the mean time...please, oh please do :-) And Thank You
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    I will post the recipe in THIS BOX....will be back soon to do this...

    Nope, never mind...ha ha...never got to posing it cause we just had too many errands to run. BUT....I do see that Below I have answers already, thanks everyone :-)

    ha ha ha...I DID finally add the is now posted a few posts below this post. Thanks again My Soapy Friends Andee and Monica!!!
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    Like you, I work better with percentages when making lotions. So when I come across a recipe that doesn't offer percentages, I plug the numbers at this site:

    Then I can get my percentages. Try it, it's so easy!
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    How do I find percentages for a recipe that doesn't have them?

    Let's try this together! We are going to use an OLD recipe from the recipes section.

    5 grams Germaben II
    5 grams Peppermint Essential Oil
    15 grams Stearic Acid
    20 grams Liquid Glycerin
    25 grams Emulsifying Wax
    75 grams Regular Cocoa Butter
    355 grams Distilled Water

    I begin by adding all the ingredients together. (This is one instance where I like spreadsheets.)

    This recipe has a total of 500 grams. This technique will work for grams or ounces, so we are going to ignore this from now on.

    Now we get to do some fun math!

    Take one of the original ingredient weights and divide it by the total recipe weight.

    Germaben II
    5/500 = 0.01 OR 1%

    So here is the full recipe converted to percentages.

    1% Germaben II
    1% Peppermint Essential Oil
    3% Stearic Acid
    4% Liquid Glycerin
    5% Emulsifying Wax
    15% Regular Cocoa Butter
    71% Distilled Water

    Does this help make things a little less confusing?
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    This is what my spread sheet looks like.

    Original Value Ingredient Calculation Percentage
    5 Germaben II 5/500 1%
    5 Peppermint Essential Oil 5/500 1%
    15 Stearic Acid 15/500 3%
    20 Liquid Glycerin 20/500 4%
    25 Emulsifying Wax 25/500 5%
    75 Cocoa Butter 75/500 15%
    355 Distilled water 355/500 71%
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    Looks like you got your help! :-D Yay!

    I also use the spread sheet method in excel. I admit slowly! I think I'll test that calculator too!!!
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    wow, thank you SO MUCH Monica and Andee...WOW, WOW, WOW!!! Yes, that all helped me so very much. How exciting indeed. I learned so much today!!! I am going to check the recipe I have in that book ASAP...super cool, wow, I just really learned allot hear...YEA!!!! THANKS AGAIN :-)
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    OK....Here is the Recipe in my book that I am having issues with And BELOW I am using Andees suggestion of doing math by dividing one of the ingredient by the total amount that is within the formula and then in the NEXT Post I will show the information I get by using Monicas Suggestion and show the result from the Lotion Calculator:

    56.7 Lanolin 56.7/459.5 .12 12%
    56.7 Shea Butter 56.7/459.5 .12 12%
    56.7 Sweet Almond Oil 56.7/459.5 .12 12%
    28.4 Apricot Kernel Oil 28.4/459.5 .06 or 6%
    28.4 Pomegranate Oil 28.4/459.5 .06 or 6%
    28.4 Emulsifying Wax 28.4/459.5 .06 or 6%
    14.2 Stearic Acid 14.2/459.5 .03 or 3%
    184.3 Aloe Vera Juice 184.3/459.5 .40 or 40%
    5.7 FO/EO 5.7/459.5 .01 or 1%

    Preservative (Manufacturer's Recommendation) THIS IS WHAT THE BOOK I HAVE STATES FOR THE PRESERVATIVE

    The Above Recipe comes to 98% before the Preservative

    My Preservative for the ABOVE Formula of a 16 ounce amount of product, would be 2 Grams

    So, the total would be 100%

    This to me means one thing and one thing is ME that made a mistake somehow....Oh Peanut Butter and Jelly!!!

    Well, at least I know now it was something that I did wrong on my end. Ok then, well, at least now I know!!

    Thank you very much for your Help Monica and Andee, I Super Duper Appreciate it Greatly!!

    Now I will go to the next post showing the results from Monicas Lotion Calculator.....
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    Cracked Foot Mask

    Units in Grams
    End_Weight 461.48

    Total Weight: 461.48

    Name Amount in Grams Percent
    Glycerin 0 0
    Emulsifying Wax 28.39 6.15
    Stearic Acid 14.19 3.07
    Citric Acid 0 0
    Germaben II 1.99 0.43
    Water 184.29 39.93
    Calculations Check Completed...
    The total percentage of oil is High. A range between between 10 and 25% is recommended..

    The percentage of glycerin is Low. A range between 3 and 8% is recommended...but this ingredient is not vital.

    The percentage of emulsifying wax is High. A range between 3 and 5% is recommended..

    The percentage of citric acid is Low. A range between 0.25 and 1% is recommended...this will keep the Germaben II happy.

    The percentage of water is Low. A range between 60 and 80% is recommended. Unless you are making a cream instead of a lotion.

    Name Amount in Grams Percent

    LANOLIN 56.69 12.28
    SHEA BUTTER 56.69 12.28
    SWEET ALMOND OIL 56.69 12.28
    APRICOT KERNEL OIL 28.39 6.15
    POMEGRANATE OIL 28.39 6.15
    FO 5.69 1.23
    Other Stuff

    SO....By reading the results from the Lotion Calculator listed HERE At:
    I have found that at the very least even if the numbers equal 100%, the ratios are really off. The oil alone is almost at 50%....just a tad under, and that is super HIGH just for an example. hubby had a suggestion for me, he said I should go ahead and use the ABOVE Suggestions within the Lotion Calculator, and re calculate them according to the recommendations, and RE DO the Formula...what do you think??

    The main issue I had with this formula when I tried making it is that the oils kept separating out of the whole mixture. It was just like the Lotion Calculator was so oily it was like a bowl of soup. What I have finally done is stuck the whole thing in the icebox and have just left it alone. It does, however, look like I could at least WHIP the mixture and get a whipped butter kind of a mixture. I have thought of doing this with it, at least it wont be a total loss. I have never whipped a failed lotion before, but this one just might be my first.

    Again, thank you Both :-)
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    oh wow...I just looked up the link you gave, a foot cream...ha ha..that is what I needed. The formula I posted above out of the book I have is also a Foot cream....well, a Foot Lotion, and really a Foot Mask. But that is cool, so, I shall make that formula you provided sometime soon cause yes, it does look good. This week, for me, has been all about FEET. Thanks again :-)
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    12 grams of lanolin for that size recipe would be very sticky to me.
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    Yes , and its allot more than 12 grams, its LANOLIN at 56.69 GRAMS

    So ya, I thought when I was scooping it out that this was allot of Lanolin.

    I still have not tried whipping the cold mixture, I thought I would just wait to see.....see for what, I have no Anyway, now I got some help. That is fantastic :-)
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    The number 12 is the %. I see how that would be too much.