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    I got my MMS order in yesterday & I am excited to try my hydrovance! So....I have a question: Is hydrovance water or oil soluble? Or both? As you may have guessed, I am going to try it on a leave-in hair lotion (LOL!!)....any tips for me?
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    YEA MONICA!!! You just bought my Favorite Product of all time from MMS
    NOT SURE If it is water soluble or oil or both...hopefully Andee or Taylor or OTHER will pop on and tell us all :-)

    My favorite way to use it is at 4% in a Hair Conditioner.
    I am not sure if you have any Dimethicone available, but on my end, I like to add 2% Dimethicone into the Hair Conditioner along with the 4% of Hydrovance. But, if you do not have it, it still will be super great!!

    Here is a trick that I like to do with the conditioner AFTER I make it:


    I will take a small scoop of my hair conditioner and rub them onto my legs about 10 minutes or longer, before I shower. Then I shower and I of-course wash my legs, but I do not super scrub them or anything like that, just wash them normally. By the time you get out of the shower you will have soft leggs!! For me, I love using the homemade conditioner to make my SKIN extra soft as well. Like Andee has said before that using BTMS it can be used as a conditioner for the hair and also used as a lotion....oh, but you did not state what u are using for the emulsifier so ya, not sure the outcome of YOUR product. But, if you happen to use the BTMS...or what is referred to as Conditioning Emulsifier, that you get from MMS, to ME, it is the best for a hair conditioner.So, if you use something else for an emulsifier, I am sure it will be great too, just NOT sure of its exact outcome. I have only used the BTMS From MMS. Not sure how OTHER emulsifier will work in a hair conditioner.

    But, that is the fun of things, now isn't it!!

    My PERSONAL Recommendation would also use Aloe Vera Gel either by HALF of the water used or even in replacement to ALL the water used in your conditioner. Aloe goes right into the hair shaft and hair loves ALOE. Just saying, its what I do, but do your own thing.

    Thats what I love about experimenting, do what works for YOU and have fun!!

    But ya, Hydrovance is so wonderful.

    In my conditioner I also use silk and a hydrolyzed wheat protein along with a hair vitamin blend I get from lotioncrafters named Vitaplex. But you don't have to do what I do, I know you have many items that I do NOT have and I am sure YOUR blend will be wonderful. Good For You!! I am SOOOOOO Excited for you Indeed :-)
    Please let us know how it turns out for you :-)
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    Oooh thank you, Shelly!!!! I have pure aloe liquid at home, I buy that stuff by the gallon! :-) When you use hydrovance in your conditioning products, do you put it in the water phase or oil phase? That's the part that I am still trying to figure out.

    I saw that vitaplex Lotioncrafters has, now I need to order some! :-)
    • CommentTimeJul 9th 2015
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    Good question Monica, I've been thinking water phase. I've got these on order so I can make a larger batch of lotion and separate my phases with proper heat holding. I'd like to know where the Hydrovance should go also :)
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    I was thinking water phase too. In MMS's catalog they mention to replace the glycerin with hydrovance in your lotion formula, so that is why it got me to thinking as to which phase I would use it in.

    Tomorrow night, I will be experimenting....stay tuned!

    Oh & that bain Marie set looks really nice!! I may graduate to that soon! :-)
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    I have done both, in the oil phase and the water phase....I used to NOT add it to my fats before heating, but it was either Taylor OR Andee who helped ME out and said that it can take allot of heat. So, sometimes I add it before heating, sometimes after in my opinion can take just about anything and it works out....just saying. Oh, so glad you have Aloe....I buy it by the Gallon myself. Ok...Oh....Vitaplex is costly, I will give you that, but I love it. I have been meaning to send YOU Monica and YOU April a Sample of Vitaplex and some other stuff...but sigh....ha, it is busy for me now and my son will be hear next week. Anyway, I am STILL planning on sending you gals some stuff at summers end. April probably thought I forgot about her....he he. But nope, just been busy Healing with an injury in my leg that is life long and I will only see changes God Willing. But he takes care of me. Anyway, every day is so different for me as you can tell. But ya, I would NOT be doing any soapy stuff if my husband decided not to help me, but he is a GREAT help, so I keep on soaping. SMILES

    Anyway, I wont be on much for the next 3 weeks
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    Thanks, Shelly!!! that tidbit of information has helped me a LOT!! I will definitely be playing with hydrovance this weekend, I am so excited!!!
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    April now those are some great looking Pots!! you are truly taking all of this to the next level :-)