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    Hey All My Soapy Friends!!

    I just wanted to let you all know that if you do not see me for several weeks it is because I get to be with my son who I have not seen in about 5 years!!! He was going to see me every summer but when I got hurt it changed everything. My life has been upside down. So, ya, I am super nervous now that I am will this visit go? will he be super board? will my pain be terrible? will I need to sleep crazy hours like I have been the last several years? so ya....I am super nervous. The thing I keep in mind is that he is on his way to see ME...that's right, ME....and not what I can do or cant do with him and that's going to be my focus. I do have some soapy things planned, and yes, he WANTS to learn how to make soap...YEA...My husband is going to help me teach him, so, it should be fine....right? he he

    we are going to use that crazy SNAKE OIL....oh boy!!!!

    I also created a recipe of Modeling Soap, that is so good, it is now my secret weapon when it comes to making things to top my soap and embeds and such. Even modeling statues out of soap. So, him and I will have fun sitting around the boob tube watching a movie, and molding animals, flowers and more out of modeling soap!! I will be taking pictures and will post them down the road. at least one or two. This is exciting!! Anyway, I hope everybody has a fun summer and I will pick up where I left off in a few weeks. Talk to you all later and ps...he does not arrive until later tonight so I might jump online and play awhile. Ok then, you guys have a fun summer!!!

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    How wonderful! I truly wish you all a loving and creative visit! If you've the time (and energy) I'd love to see some of your adventures and accomplishments here <3
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    will do April and Thanks!!!
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    How exciting!!!!! Have a grand time with your son, we'll be here when you get back!! :-)
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2015
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    That's wonderful news, Shelly. Have a wonderful time with your son!
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    Great new Shelly. I hope your having fun with him. I'm thankful for now my two are here still and we have a summer guest too.
    One of my boy's best friend here too. Late nights for all us. The sun doesn't go down until 10:30 and the 3 teenagers don't go to bed
    until 3 am sometimes. Anyways looking forward to the pictures and the update. Take care my friend. :)
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    Hey Shelly! I hope you're having the best time ever! Wishing all is well for you physically and emotionally during your very special visit <3

    I look forward to some fun stories if you've got em :)
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    I am thinking of you!!!! Hope to see you soon!!!

    Hugs, Monica
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    HI all, yes....I will post some pics later...I just saw this post and have been so busy. But it was great what we did and he LOVES soaping so much!! Ok, I will have to work at placing the photos to photobucket first