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    Hello everyone. What type of credit card reader do you use? And did anyone know about the new microchip that will be on the cards(debit card or credit card) this fall. I read that if your a small business you need to be up-to-date with (card reader that can read this microchip) accepting bank cards, credit cards. The deadline is October 2015. I have been asked to do a craft fair this coming November and I'm trying to be prepared and I'm researching my options. Any help appreciated.
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    It looks like the folks at "Square" are on it! According to their website you can reserve your new EMV card reader & they will ship it out in October.
    • CommentTimeJul 29th 2015
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    Right now, I'm not aware of a card reader like Square or Paypal Here that is available for microchip yet. Both have stated that the EMV card reader is in the works and will ship out in the fall. The deadline is Oct 1. It is enough to make a planner like me a might twitchy.
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    Andee, I read that both Square and PayPal will let you reserve your new reader and at a cost. Costco has the merchant services that will give you the equipment for a cost as well. I don't see how that's helping small businesses, but I would rather pay a small fee, then be responsible for someone who had they card stole and someone else purchase an item and be responsible for the transaction.(As a small business owner.) I was just wondering also because I never dealt with debit cards or credit cards transactions and how does it work with your accounting system. I read the Square's and the PayPal Here are easy to set up but what about customer service? I keep reading Square doesn't have a live person, while PayPal Here has customer service person live. I do know there's others out there but I don't know what to choose and I did receive an email from Apple Pay as well about getting their equipment if I went with them. At this time our bank (credit union) doesn't have Apple Pay and they are waiting to get approved with them. On our bank's website they are saying that there's a thing called Samsung Pay as well. I'm learning all these new terms and I'm just confused. Hence, that's why I'm needing help. I don't want to be in a contract or pay a monthly fee. I'm still very small and this would be my second craft show since the 1998, when I help sell my mother-in-law soaps back in the day and we didn't worry about such things. Now things are very different.
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    • CommentTimeAug 6th 2015
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    Hi everyone. I called yesterday about this exact subject. I use paypal because they have the best CS and are better with charge backs and other issues. They also have agreat business setup and when you send pkgs you have a customer list and can print invoices and package labels all at once. They sent me an email about chip cards. We all need to be able to read them properly because starting in oct you will be responsible for any bad charges. If you use a chip card charge reader then you are NOT liable. Also I found out that this week they are trying to figure out the cost of the reader, HINT I was told if you are already using PayPal you get a break. Everyone has to take this serious so your not caught having to pay for any bad charges. I am very happy with paypal. I have looked into square. They are not set up as well as PP. Hope this helps.
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    Charlie15, I was going to research this again for myself. I've had a busy week. We were out at my mother-in-law's farm all week. Only one day to myself and all I could do was laundry. (catching up and folding. Not even putting things away.) You research will really help me thank you. But one QUESTION: So if I was already using PayPal I would get a break? Do you get any idea when they will be getting back with you on this? Thank you for all the information.
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    • CommentTimeAug 11th 2015
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    I don't really have a comment about the new readers but I want to mention something that I hope you are considering.

    Check the SIGNATURE! All of us use cards and the clerk never checks the signature because it takes too much time. Every single card out there has text on the back that says the card is not valid unless signed. If the card signature strip has written "SEE ID" then ask for ID. Match their photo AND signature. If no match, ask for another form of payment. Most merchant agreements no longer restrict the seller from asking for ID, that is an old custom. Most people are familiar with a second form of ID so they don't think twice about it.

    You can refuse any form of payment. Think about it. Most of us do not want to make a scene but if this were a cash world only and someone handed you Monopoly money you would smile and ask for something that says it is legal tender for all debts, public and private. You are trading your handcrafted goods for a form of currency you can use to pay for other things. Don't trade if you are uncomfortable.

    People who use cards and are thieves don't stop and shop. They flash through and buy unrelated items because their goal is to spend until the card is turned off. Think - fast and furious! People who stop to talk, try to understand your product, want to learn about how to help their skin are not the type to use a stolen card. The longer they stay in your booth the more easily you can identify them. People who buy using stolen cards don't care what color the soaps are or smell the lotion bars. They don't care! Again, don't trade if you are uncomfortable.

    When I was a little girl my grandmother would say something like this "Oh, that is a new supermarket. Do you trade there?" I remember thinking 'Trade? What on Earth is she talking about? We BUY at supermarkets.' We actually trade one asset for another. Cash is an asset and our products are an asset. The sale should be a win-win TRADE. If you don't feel like you are winning, don't trade.

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    mmtnsage, thank you for your input. I do understand this. But I don't want to be left out of sales. When you have other vendors selling soaps and accept debit cards and credit cards and you don't. You lose a sell on your products. (In this case it would be me.) If you choose to get a card reader for those transactions, from what I understand your card reader must be updated and can accept the new debit cards and credit cards that are coming out with a chip in the card to do just that avoid fraud. Secondly for a small business person that means new equipment to do the transactions of cards and the small business is not responsible for the bad transactions. This is safer for the customer and the small business. I hope this helps. Thank you again.
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    Tigerlilies40, You are correct that getting a new reader is important. This is why I said I don't have a comment about the new readers but I hope people do continue to dialog about them. They are new and we can learn a lot from each other.

    My comment is more about how to accept cards, not the reader or the chip. My experience with people who walk in the front door to buy supplies is quite varied. Some want to pay cash and not give a name, others always use a card and never carry cash. When MMS first opened our merchant agreement strictly forbid me from asking for identification, I could lose my ability to accept cards if I queried a customer for ID. That has changed in the near 20 years we have been in business. Some people may still be under those same agreements from years ago and even if they are it is now generally accepted as a form of fraud protection for the consumer to ask for ID, no one looks at it as though it is fraud protection for the merchant but it still is a great big step in protecting the merchant. If you have a booth and you take cards it is important that you protect yourself. I don't want you to lose sales in the slightest but I also don't want you to take cards if you think you are being scammed.

    Scammers are quick and dirty. They buy fast and furious until the card declines, then they discard it and go on with another. My message is more about the people who walk in and want to buy 10 jars of lanolin, 10 pails of palm oil, 10 pails of coconut oil, 10 bottles of tamanu and they don't make soap or need a scent or know what lye is. It is a weird transaction. If the hair on the back of your neck goes up, or the little voice in your head starts asking questions, all I am saying is "listen". We have those feelings for a reason. They will protect you far sooner than new card readers or PIN entries or whatever else comes along.

    New readers can't help you with people who walk in and buy "10 of everything" but don't care to smell or sample. Those transactions should alarm you.

    It would be far simpler if the person who walked into our booth or door had an instant sign on their forehead that said "I have intention to steal." Unfortunately we don't have that as a service...yet.

    In the meantime, decide with whom you wish to trade and carry on about the new reader technology. I'm hoping people have more to contribute as they learn about these new readers.

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    mmtnsage, Thank you for the advice. Well learned. For now I'm passing on the fall show. I'm not ready. As for the reader I guess I'll wait for it as well. Too much in everyday life to deal with.
    Thank you everyone for the inputs and yes and Crafters we need to stick together and share our experiences.