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    • CommentTimeAug 8th 2015
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    So a couple of months ago, I made a batch of liquid soap, 100% coconut oil/no superfat with the purpose of having a batch of soap paste for general household cleaning. I dilute a small portion of it and use it to mop my floors, dilute even further for spray cleaner, even make my own version of soft scrub by adding baking soda and making it into a paste. It pretty much takes care of most household cleaning needs.

    About a week ago, I made a big batch of mozzarella cheese and ended up with a huge pot of whey. I have, in the past, used this whey as liquid for my bar soaps, as I do not like this to go to waste. Alas, I had no time to make soap, too many other things to do on my little backyard farm. Then I remembered my bucket of coconut oil soap paste. I remembered back in Europe, a lot of the eco cleaners were whey based, so I figured, why not. I diluted some soap paste 3:1 with the whey. Of course I know what whey smells like when it's lleft out in room temperature. It can go bad quickly, just like milk. So I added 1.5% Optiphen just in case. I ended up washing my hands with this mixture just to test it out and oooooooooh so nice! It bubbles like a charm, leaves my hands plush and moisturized and not one bit dry! So I took my MMS test strips out of curiosity and came up with a 7! Totally neutral pH!

    Of course the test strips aren't the most accurate measurement, but I figured it was close enough, that this batch was too nice to be a household cleaner, so I added some fragrance and am saving it now for my bathroom needs. It's a bit thin, so I may have to tinker with the dilution next time, but it's the perfect consistency for those foamer handsoap bottles. I have used it to wash my hair and did not need conditioner, the comb fell right through afterwards. I have used it on my face, no moisturizer needed. And my whole body! Now I am just waiting for biodegradable bottles, and liquid soap will be a total reality in my product line!

    For now, I am just enjoying it at home.
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    Ooooohhhhh!! That sounds really nice, chrima!
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    Chrima that sounds wonderful. Congrats on the new liquid soap.
    • CommentTimeAug 11th 2015
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    Oooh, Christine! Do you think your soap heaven will end up in the swap? :-D
    • CommentAuthorjohnnyusa
    • CommentTimeAug 12th 2015
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    Cool. You can get a similar effect adding up to but not more than 1 tbsp of glycerin or jojoba per pound of diluted liquid soap. I felt same when I learned how to make liquid soap. Its a bit stripping on the hands if you don't add smthng to it.
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    yea Christine, I LOVE that you made liquid soap and are loving it!!! It is true what Johnny said, adding some glycerin or jojoba is super great for the hands. I am sure your WHEY is super great too though...OH BOY...I wold LOVE to see a picture of your mozzarella cheese. I make other kinds of cheese like ricotta and have fun doing that. I only made mozz cheese one time years ago and it did not work out. the cheese was super hard and rubber like so I must of done something wrong. anyhoo....I will try it again I think this winter. Now I know where I can get some TIPS from he he....anyway, I plan to make it around the holidays. anyway, super cool about the whey!!! and your liquid soap. wow, good for you, sounds dreamy indeed !!!