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    I know you all know me as ArtisanShelly here on TheSage Forum, but my real name is Shelly Cole and I am now a YouTube Content Creator for YouTube...YEA

    My FIRST Uploaded Video on YouTube....YEA!!! Please watch it, Like, Subscribe and SHARE it Please :-)

    I entered a contest for Halloween, it is a woodworkers contest, but a funny video. This is my NEW Channel on YouTube

    Know What Mom Knows

    This Video is my FIRST within a line of Fun and Educational Videos that will soon be released and made public within the near future. I have hopes of releasing my Movie Trailer in the upcoming weeks!
    My NEW Video Series is made possible simply by a request form my Teenage son, Asher, who wants to "KNOW" All the things in life that I Know how to do. Videos on YouTube will help make some of this possible. As a Sneak Peak, you can expect a range of fun and interesting Videos in the areas of Homemade "Scratch" Cooking, Gourmet Artisan Candy Creations, Woodworking, General Hobby DIY'S, Air Brushed Fishing Lures, Moms Moments and MORE!! One area that will be highlighted is that fact that I have a personal passion of helping the Homeless/Helpless of our society who are all around every one of us each day. I believe in a Hands On Approach to reaching out and giving of one self. Oh, and did you know that I am Paralyzed? That's right!! It is my hope that I can encourage my son, and anyone else who would care to learn from me, that if I can make time in my life to reach out and be an active participant in the aid and help of others, than anyone can!! Being Disabled brings its own set of limitations for me, but I refuse to use that as my excuse as to why I do not help others. I firmly believe in Operating in the Law of Love with Practical Application.
    Thanks for watching this video and I hope you have the BEST WEEK EVER!!!
    Shelly Cole~Video Content Creator of Quality Videos

    Here are some LINKS where you can find me in other places:
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    Wonderful Shelly!!!! I laughed and watched intentionally. I knew you were incredibly talented but had no idea you knew a craft like this also. Kudos!!!! Asher's going to love it :-D
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    Thanks April!!
    That was simply a Contest I was in...and even tho it was my first uploaded video, it is not how the normal show I have will be, saying that, I just released a movie trailer for my NEW SHOW...I will place a link here if anybody wants to watch the Movie Trailer and I will ALSO Start a new thread, since this thread is just connected to the contest, and not my new show

    here is my ACTUAL New Show Movie TRAILER: