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    • CommentAuthorHannahobs
    • CommentTimeNov 7th 2015
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    Anyone have any experience with Young Living essential oils? I was approached by a woman today who sells this (you can get it on the internet), she said if I used those oils in my soap that she would sell my soap in her business.

    This is the third time someone has asked me about these oils so I figured that someone is trying to tell me something.
    Has anyone used these oils?
    I'm going to start researching them but I thought Id ask here first.
    • CommentTimeNov 7th 2015
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    I have been approached by both, Young Living and DoTerra oil reps about using their oils in my soap. While their marketing is awesome and raised some really cool awareness about essential oil with the mainstream population, I do not think it's very practical to use them in soap.

    Number one reason is the amounts of essential oils we use as soapmakers. Young Living or DoTerra do not sell oils in the wholesale quantities we use them, but in small bottles at retail premium prices. So unless you want to use mere drops per pound of soap, using them would be anything but cost effective.

    I also get a little wary if people make claims that THEIRS are the only ones that are therapeutic grade and they can heal things like ebola, etc. To be honest, somewhere out there, is a bigger plant and a bigger distributor that has to fill the small bottles. And it warrants some serious research into whether their sources aren't basically the same sources we all use for our much more reasonably prices essential oils from MMS or other reputable soap supply companies.

    Now here is something i considered if I ever get asked again. I would offer to make a custom loaf just for them, using their EOs and figure the price based on the EO's I am using. For me, selling soap by the loaf is sort of a middle ground between retail and wholesale. She could then cut the loaf whoever she wants and sell the bars and make her own price per bar.
    • CommentAuthorHannahobs
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2015
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    Has anyone tried New Directions eo's?
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2015
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    Never used New Direction's oils. I guess they were just never competitive with my other sources.

    As far as Young Living and DoTerra goes, it was just my own intuition that prompted me to stay away from their MLM marketing schemes that seemed shady to me. I just ran across a couple of interesting articles that confirmed my feelings.

    First paragraph in the second article particularly sticks out enough for me to quote here:

    "Let us be quite clear about this - there is no such thing as a ‘therapeutic grade essential oil’, and no quality standards for the authentication or performance of essential oils
    specifically exist within aromatherapy per se. This latter situation results from the failure of professional aromatherapy organisations and aromatherapy essential oil trading associations to issue a comprehensive set of aromatherapy oil standards."
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    I totally agree with you Christine. right on!!
    And yes, I have never used Direction's oils either..saying that, I have tried youngliving oils...I will be honest, I do NOT have a favorite company when it comes to essential oils...just like cooking, I am NOT a die hard McCormick fan on spices. What I mean is that I try a variety of spices from a variety of sources....same with oils. I just test out different ones until I find what works for ME...some companies I like the lavender, and that is IT....where other companies, I like everything BUT the, for me, I have learned that I like Variety and will never stick to just one company unless they totally convince otherwise, but for me, I like grazing so to speak...he he
    • CommentAuthorlucyheart
    • CommentTimeMar 16th 2016 edited
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    i need information or way to use Essential oil in bathroom with shower. Anyone who can help me please.... :(
    • CommentAuthorWiredSoap
    • CommentTimeApr 27th 2016
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    I use lavander oil for so many uses, and even as a numbing oil for when I pluck my eyebrows.
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    Here's another article I read from ModernSoapMaking.
    I like what she had to say about this topic of buying Essential oils.
    • CommentAuthorcet25
    • CommentTimeOct 19th 2016
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    Hi I just joined but thought I'd give my input on the companies Tigerlilies mentioned. I've used probably half dozen of the companies New Directions included. They have a good selection of your basic oils and some "exotic" ones as well with good pricing for wholesale. I also like there selection of bases, butters and fixed oils. They are in the top 5 of my list (IMO). I use MMS quite a bit (of course). Eden and White Lotus are good for rarer unique oils. Eden has decent prices. White Lotus can be a little pricey but I like they offer unique oils. Liberty Naturals is also a good supplier. Sweetcakes is more FO than EOs. All of this is based on my experience with the companies and my opinion. Hopefully this was some help. Really excited about being on here and learning from everyone.