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    Hi Everybody!! I sure have been missing all of you!! I see that thier is a lots of new threads and I am going to try and enjoy my morning by catching up on some of them. Oh a SWAP TOO!! WOW, so, looks fun and I hope I can get in on the fun!!

    In this video Trailer, you will see a glimpse of my PUMPKIN PATCH SOAP!! Its my own creation and my own idea on how I have been doing soaps latley...I call this type of soap....3D LANDSCAPING!!
    In one of my NEXT videos, I aim to show HOW I make this soap from start to was tons of fun :-)

    Well, as some of you know, I entered a contest for woodworking, and placed a video up. That was fun, but that was NOT my NEW YouTube Show. That was just a really good time invested into a friends contest. Saying that, My NEW YouTube Series is NOW made Public, and the Series is FAR from just woodworking. Its will have some of that, yes, Soapmaking is a HUGE part of my show, along with cooking, airbrush painting, General DIY'S and MORE!! I will also be trying to reflect ways that we can all reach out the the ones in need around us, like the Homeless all the way to the Helpless. Many of you know that I am paralyzed on my left leg, saying that, I want to inspire ppl that if I can do all these things, like woodworking, soaping, cooking, DIY'S and lending a hand to help those in need, then we ALL can do those things. I just aim to inspire and encourage. For me, I DO need help with absolutley everything in life that I do...but isnt that for ALL of us!! People Need People, and its a good thing to help others and to share your time simply by being a kind and caring individual. This world has become so cold and I just want to inspire a more productive initiative to connect with the ones around you, physically. In this NEW area of computer tech, we sometimes have forgotten the old ways of "reaching out and touching someone."

    This ALL came about simply due to the fact that my teenage son wanted to KNOW all the things in life that his Mom knows :-)
    What better way to do this then thru YouTube Videos!! He lives 3000 miles away so this seems to be the perfect way, since we can not be together on a daily basis. My son means the world to me!

    Thanks to all my Soapy Friends for helping me learn so much this last year!!
    Shelly Cole~Video Content Creator for YouTube

    Anyway, for those who are interested, here is my OFFICIAL Movie Trailer for the NEW YouTube Show "Know What Mom Knows"