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    I have been making my own soap for about ten years, getting most of my supplies from Mountain Meadows. Recently, we have noticed that all our washcloths are stiff as a board after they come out of the washing machine, and dryer. I had recently switched to a new type of TIDE and thought that might be it, used another brand Oxydol that I have and that didn't help either. My husband thought it was the towels, we have used Lands End for a million years, but the old ones and the new ones are both stiff. Then, my husband said the washcloths in the upstairs bathroom were not stiff, he thought they were newer, but they are not. However, that bathroom uses only a liquid hand soap, not made by me.

    That leaves me to think that it has something to do with the soap I make, and maybe it is not washing out of the washcloths completely. We do notice that most of the time we hardly put any laundry soap in with the towels because they seem to create enough lather on their own.

    Do you have a similar problem? And ideas about how to get the soap out of the washcloths so they are soft again? I have washed them two or three times, but doesn't seem to make a difference. My standard soap is coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter and soybean oil. Nothing radical. I look forward to your thoughts.
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    • CommentTimeApr 27th 2016
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    Maybe try a vinegar rinse to remove any residue?
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    How much vinegar in a washer full of towels?
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    Yes, white vinegar added to your laundry(when washing towels, use HOT WATER.) In my machine there's a spot for softener to be added. I fill that up to the very top. (I'm guessing 1/2 cup)
    This is usually when the machine dumps it in the rise cycle. Then I re-wash my towels again in Medium water (warm water) do not add anymore vinegar. You can a
    just a small amount of Tide. And I have a question for you how much Tide are you using? I have a very small scoop, not the one that comes with it. And my towels are really soft.
    **Side note: vinegar is good for camping clothes that smell really bad. I add a full cup and wash twice. I know that's extra, but it get's the smoke smell out and the dirt.
    **Side note #2: When you come home after a weekend of camping and want to get the smoke smell out of you hair. Add the white vinegar to your hair when shampooing( tilt your head down because
    the vinegar burns the eye. Learned from experience, wish the MIL would have told me but I think that was her way of getting back to And make sure you wash your hair at least twice
    to get rid of the smoke, but only use the vinegar once in the hair. I really didn't measure out the vinegar just poured and rise, the re-wash my hair.) I hope this helps.
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    After the first comment about vinegar, I put just my washcloths in a big bowl with about 6 cups of vinegar and let them soak for a long time (half a day or so) Then I added the whole batch to the washing machine using hot water and no additional soap. Wash clothes are a bit softer but still stiff. Towels are fine, really soft. I use liquid Tide and only add enough to create suds. If I add what the bottle recommends I have to rinse about 4 times. It is clear that there is extra soap in the washcloths by the amount of bubbles. If I could get the washcloths clean then I could put vinegar in every wash. But in the meantime, not sure what else to do?
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    Short Soaper, by any chance do you have hard water? Have you tired a small amount of either Borax (a small scoop to your laundry) or Arm & Hammer Washing Soda (same amount) either of these will help with boosting your laundry soap. You don't need a lot of either of these products. It seems to help with the water to soften the laundry. I hope this might help.
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    Yes, we have hard water. I will see if we have either one of these, or else buy a small box at the store, and check it out! Thanks for the great idea. I will report back.