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    • CommentAuthorMachins
    • CommentTimeMay 7th 2016
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    I read today on April Copeland's Instagram page that she was in a horrible motorcycle accident this week. If you have participated in the forum much and/or MMS swaps you know what a sweetheart April is. She has a heart of gold. I thought all of you would like to know. They have set up a go fund me page and also a crowd rise page for donations. The websites listed below will give you more of the details of the accident. April has a big battle ahead of her! Please keep her and her family in your thoughts. I messaged her daughter Chloe and let her know that I would spread the word.

    Hope these links will work for anyone interested. Hope these are ok to share.
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    OMG... Thanks for letting us know. I'm so sadden to hear this news. My prays are with her and her family. I will visit those other sights asap.
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    Oh My!! Yes, I do not get on here as much as I used to, but APRIL IS My Friend!!! She is even one of my Subscribers for YouTube! Also, April sent me lots of liquid soap when she FIRST Got into Soap Making for me to "Test It" for her....Oh Wow, Thank you Machins for the Links I will FOR SURE Check it out!!! I see you are on here too Priscilla, and yes,what sad news indeed. Anyone who knows April knows that she is a DOLL, An absolute Sweetheart!! I appreceate the update Machins, Thanks SO MUCH!!! I WILL Be Praying for her...FOR SURE!!
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    WOW...I JUST Read her story!!! Aprils Story is super close to a different kind of way, I am paralyzed too from my accident on my left leg. Where I have that, I STILL Have both of my legs....But still, even though HER Accident is Much Worse then mine ever was....I am going to make a Direct Point to personally get ahold of her DIRECTLY....If anyone understands what she is about to go thru, it is me!! I totally understand what she faces and I am going to find a way to reach out and encourage her in this process....I do NOT Have as much damage as April does, but I know what its like to be OK one minute, and then the next be in an accident that leaves a person paralyzed. Wow, I can not thank you enough Machins for posting this information!!!! Infact, because I have a large audience for YouTube and even go on OTHER Peoples shows LIVE Every Saturday Night....I am going to find out from Aprils Family if I can BROADCAST This out on YouTube and get the supporters that are out there to rally behind her financially. MOST Of my subscribers know about ME And my accident, and are VERY Supporting. I will do my best to send a plea out to gain some more help for April. I will keep yall updated here too if I get permission from her family to put up a COMMERCIAL in her Honor!! Thanks again Machins!!!!

    Here is my YouTube Channel:

    I will write again SOON and let ya all know when the commercial goes up (Getting Permission first from the family) and will also get a Plug in during a LIVE Show too on Another Channel.
    • CommentAuthorMachins
    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2016 edited
      1 point glad you saw this. I know that you and April had worked on some fun experiments together. -Sarah
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    Hi Machins~ Sarah
    Yes, you are correct!! Thanks SO MUCH!! Yes, I am still apart of this fantastic Forum and get updates whenever a post is made, regardless if I am able to get on the forum or notl Anyhoo, I wrote the Organizer for the Crowdrise page, Mea!! I have no clue who Mea is, but I wrote her to tell her how I want to help. I also added that because of going thru a major accident myself, and understanding what its like to be paralyzed, I figured I also want to help the family in talking to them, helping them thru the things that are about to happen next. I know lots of what her life will be like. Not in full, as I still kept both legs, even tho one is paralyzed, saying that, it will be similar to the path I went thru. I fear tho her path will be LOTS Tougher as her injuries are more extensive. Saying that, I want to be there for them the BEST THAT I can be. I sure hope I get contacted back!! I do not even know if April can talk on the phone right now. If she can, I aim to call her and BE An encouragement for her THRU THis process. I love April SO MUCH!!!

    Thanks So much Sarah, if you find out any OTHER New Info, I would LOVE TO continue to stay in the loop. ANYONE HERE, Can contact me directly at: KnowWhatMomKnows@Gmail.Com
    When you write, make sure to tell me who you are and how I know you, like...from the SAGE FORUM.... :-)

    I just wrote a letter to the organizer of the GoFundMe account too...thanks again Sarah!!

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    OK ALL!!!! I got approved from the family to do a Promotion Video for April....I will post the LINK Here when it gets uploaded. I was wondering if anybody else here on the forum creates video??? Contact me please at KnowWhatMomKnows@Gmail.Com due to the fact I might be creating a PERSONAL Video that will ONLY Go straight to April...I was thinking that I could include ANY Small video, a few minutes worth, to connect with my video and make it one collaborated, also, if ppl here do NOT Do video creations, that can be fine too, if you wanted to just give me a short paragraph , I will READ It on the PERSONAL Video to April....I want to get anybody from the SAGE Forum here who wants to send some LOVE In some encouraging words, I would love to submit that to her. I figure a nice video from her friends from the Sage Forum would be a very NICE And SWEET Thing to do to encourage her. So, contact me if you want to....I am also open to ideas....the video I will post this weekend will simply be to help gain financial support for April :-)


    Shelly Cole
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    I just read this. Wow. Praying for April. I'm heading over to the GoFundMe page and check it out and thanks Shelly for doing a video. I'll be checking in once in awhile for the updates to April.
    • CommentTimeJun 23rd 2016
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    April has gone home and has been doing better! I'm so happy to report that! She still has a long road in front of her, but keeping her in our prayers will help.
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    Thank you andee.
    • CommentAuthorHannahobs
    • CommentTimeJul 4th 2016
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    wow! how awful. I do hope April's recovery goes well, i hope she has the support she needs around her.
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    Thanks Andee for updating the forum. April is such a special Lady. Yes, she is doing great, and she sure has a large group of people to help her....that is good indeed. After my injury, we had Nobody to help us...Just Shane. It amazing how the internet has changed things for people these days. I am so glad she is getting the support she needs. Aprils Husband Joe tolled me about the support system they have...its AWESOME :-)
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    If anybody here leaves a comment on my video, please make sure to tell me you are from the SAGE Forum.....allot of times the names in a fourm do not match the screen names in other places. Thanks you :-)