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    I have had hundreds of avocados fall from my tree in the last month and between me, my dogs and friends, we are hardly making a dent in using them all.

    Has anyone used fresh avocados to make soap, avocado butter or creams? If so, what is the process? I have seen avocado soap, but it was probably made with avo oil.

    Any suggestions?

    • CommentAuthorZany in CO
    • CommentTimeAug 8th 2010 edited
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    Hiya Terry!

    Sure, you can use ripe avocados to make soap. I would suggest starting with a small 16 oz. batch for a test batch. Just use your favorite basic recipe (or choose one from MMS blog or recipe file). Reduce the recommended water amount to the low end of the range according to MMS lye calc to adjust for the water in the avocado.

    Add 1 ripe avocado and 3 oz. avocado oil (optional) to the recipe -- be sure to re-calculate the NaOH amount for the avocado oil.

    Cut avocado in half. Scrape out pulp into a bowl (Weigh it and keep good notes!)
    Add fragrance to 3 oz. avocado oil.
    Add 3 oz avocado oil to pulp.
    Mash with a fork and then use a stick blender to get it really smooth and well blended.

    Add at heavy trace. SB to heavy trace again and pour.
    Cover and insulate for 24 hours.
    Cure time: 4 weeks.

    Avocado makes a dark green-brown soap with dark brown flecks, with creamy, dense lather that leaves the skin soft and moisturized. Suits any skin type. Shelf life - at least 6 months.

    Avocado also makes a wonderful face mask.

    If t'were me, tho, I'd make guacamole! YUM! LOL


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    Thanks for the excellent instructions. I am going to give this a try. I wonder what fragrance would go with avocado, or maybe no scent?

    For a mask, do you use the avocado as is?

    Don't you worry, I am keeping myself well fed with avocados, usually eating them right out of the skin. I did scoop a lot of pulp that I mashed with lemon juice and put in the freezer. It is never as good that way, but handy for that guacamole time.

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    You're welcome, Terry. The fragrance of additives like avocado rarely come through. If t'were me, I'd just go with something that "suggests" avocado, but anything will do. Maybe even something from MMS Twilight series?

    For a mask, I dunno. Try avocado + maybe honey to make it stick a bit? Honey all by itself is a goodie too!

    And enough with the food talk -- I LUV avocados and you're making me hungry! LOL

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    Make Guacamole and sell it at the farmers market. Make facials for the local beauty school or salon using fresh avocados.

    For soap, the avocado will turn brown and you can only use about 1 tablespoon per lb of fats.

    Could you mash them up and try to extract the oil from the flesh? I have never had an avocado tree and I haven't tried any oil extraction.

    My favorite avocado face mask recipe is below.
    1/2 medium ripe avocado
    1 tbsp. honey
    1 tbsp. plain yogurt (optional, as sometimes I have yogurt and sometimes I don't!)
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    Great ideas. As far as the oil extraction, I am not sure I would be able to get much oil and it would be more work than it was worth.

    I found the exact same face mask recipe last night while searching the internet. I did have yogurt on hand so I mixed it all up and it was really nice.

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    what about cilantro/lime fragrance?
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    Yum, that sounds like a good choice. Thanks
    • CommentAuthorLyndah
    • CommentTimeAug 11th 2010
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    I used avocado on my hair years ago because one of those "back to the land" books suggested it. It took me a week to get it out of my greasy hair, and that was after trying everything I could think of to get it out (beer, milk etc)! So avocados are great on face, in mouth and on skin. Not hair! LOL
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    Interestingly enough, I use avocado butter straight for my hair. Wind and UV in SW WY are brutal on dry hair. I rub about 1/2 a tsp. avocado butter into the tips of my hair after washing, then brush it through and go. I have virtually no split ends after about 4 months of this regimen. Guess it all depends on hair type and weather conditions.
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    Susan - Are you using mashed avocado fruit in your hair, or are you talking about avocado butter, like I see for sale alongside aloe butter, olive, coffee butter, blueberry butter, etc.? These are made by blending either fruit or oils (with aloe, it's the inner fillet of the aloe leaf) with other solid fats or hydrogenated (solid) oils.
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    straight avocado butter (not MMS), it is hydrogenated avocado oil. Very soft butter. It is the butter I keep a container of by the sink, one of the only ones I use just by itself. My hair is very dry, this is probably not something for everyone, but works for me. Wish I had Terry's problem of too many avocados, but that won't happen in WY. I'd love to see how many avocados I could eat before I burst.....
    • CommentAuthorLyndah
    • CommentTimeAug 25th 2010
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    Oh, I was talking about the avacado - cut up - not the butter!
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    I am starving! avocado with salt and pepper sounds good to me lol