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    • CommentAuthorcatherine
    • CommentTimeJun 5th 2009
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    You may have already answered this question in the Forum so sorry if it is a repeat. When I make lotion I seem to just pour a little bit of Optiphen and Liquid Silk into my lotion without measuring. If I make 16 oz. of lotion how much would you add of each?

    Also, what can you use Polysorbate 80 for besides room and body sprays?

    Thank You,
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    I don't think the silk would be a problem with a free pour, but with Optiphen, the amount to use for a preservative should be weighed in porportion to your lotion

    You should use between 0.5%-0.15%

    How many decimal places does your scale have for weighing oz?

    Does your scale have grams?

    For weighing in oz, you should use between .08 - .24 oz In grams that would be 2.31 Grams - 6.95 Grams