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    I was looking at various fixed oils thinking about what would be nice to order next and i got to thinking that everyone here has so much experience and I'm sure an opinuion or two.

    What butters are your favorites? What oils? Do you feel some are better to work with? Softer? Harder? Make things feel more / less oily? Which do you think smell the best? Mix the best? Make the best product? Not just in soaps but in balms, lotions, scrubs? I want to hear from you guys about your experiences and opinuions. Tips and tricks welcome. The more descriptive the better.
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    Shea Butter-Love it in my CP soap, not sure of the qualities it adds, but my soaps are super smooth. I do not use it in my lip balms or body butter.

    Mango Butter-Love it in my balms of any kind. Not greasy feeling.

    Coffee Butter-great in lip balm. Smell

    Cocoa BUtter, used mostly in my lip balms, solid body butters and belly balm. Adds firmness

    I hope this helps.
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    Yea Cocoa butter is definatly going to be in my next order. Which do you think is better? The regular or the deoderized?

    I ARDORE Coffee butter!! It is my absolute favorite... but the only problem is, thinking from the customer standpoint, not everyone wants to smell like coffee... I get that. But I do LOVE that butter.

    I've never tried mango butter. I love that you said it's not greasy feeling. (Number one complaint amongst my guinie pigs (*achem*) I mean friends... lol.. is that they always say it's just a tad bit too greasy feeling... Although my husband thinks every lotion made is too greasy feeling... I've tried cornstarch to make it less "greasy" but I don't personally like the afterfeel myself... I like the greasy consistancy personally and I guess that's my problem... Being a massage therapist I've witnessed first hand how slathering yourself in stright oil on a daily basis gives you the softest skin ever... but it takes longer to absorbe than what most people are use to and that's an issue when trying to compeat with "commercial" brands.

    I'm compleatly excited to try out the mango butter now!
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    I like both of the cocoa butter, just depends on if I want the cocoa smell or not. I have both of them on my shelf, I use the deoderized more than the regular.
    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2010
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    cocoa butter - the deodorized one - the smell is so much softer, I can use it in most of my body butters. the other type smell to much as chocolate, it can be too heavy for many. It's fine in lip balms or "chocolate delights" for lovers :)

    shea butter - I will go for the unrefined one always, I just love the texture and smell and how it feels on the skin

    mango butter - I am not sure if this is normal, but I bought some unrefined one from my UK supplier and I found its smell quite tricky. Not rancid, no, the butter has a nice almost pink color, and the smell is difficult to identify. I am using it in lip balms where I have some othr powerful fragrance that will hide its odor.

    hemp oil - now this is a tricky one, I love it in my lip balms and in my hand care products for the winter

    cornstarch - I am not sure at all.. I read too many comments that people with an acne-prone skin should avoid it, as it tends to clog pores. But also cocoa butter . Which will clog more? :). I use it in my deodorants and I tried to use it in one of my whipped body butters. Sadly, so far I have found no rules in this direction: which are the correct proportions when using it in body butters?

    coconut oil (virgin) - this is for sure a must have - no baby bum butter without it :-)

    sodium bicarb. is a must for me (heavily used in deodorants)

    the all mighty olive oil and sweet almond oil are always there for me

    macadamia butter - I just started to love it's texture
    • CommentAuthorCece
    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2010
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    I love the effects of Shea Butter in my soap, but equally love avocado butter in soaps. I also add a little cocoa butter in my soap recipe and like the little bit of extra hardness it brings to the recipe. We love to use shea butter in our body butter, but we have also just recently used the cupucua butter and totally love the effect of it combined with Shea Butter in our body butters. The smell is fabulous, yet different from cocoa butter. It is now one of my favorite oils! I look forward to experimenting more with it. Olive oil is a given in our favorite oils for soap, but we like a mix of oils in our soap best - using apricot kernel, rice bran, grapeseed, sweet almond, hemp, castor, safflower etc (not usually all at once) for the individual properties they bring to the soap. I just recently purchased lemon, cranberry, and a sage butter. I love the orange butter lip balm recipe from MMS. My daughter says it is her favorite. I should say that we use the high melt point shea butter if we want to make a body butter without any water. Solved the 'gritty' problems. A friend told me about olive butter and I like to use it in addition to olive oil in some recipes.
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    • CommentTimeDec 21st 2010
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    Cece, where did you get the lemon and cranberry butters?

    Orange and Coffee butters from MMS are the best in lip balms.

    High melt shea, I use this with palm oil in my body butters. I used to use plain shea, but the grittiness drove me bonkers. I also use this in my lip balms.

    Cocoa butter in my balms. I use this in my cream soaps too. I do not use the deodorized kind, I like the smell.

    Lard goes in all my CP soap as well as beeswax(I have my own bees.)

    I use apricot kernel, avocado oil and sweet almond in butters and balms.

    Veggie and canola in CP soaps. I add olive oil sometimes.

    It seems there are a lot more butters that I should be trying list is getting wrote.

    • CommentAuthorCece
    • CommentTimeDec 21st 2010
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    I purchased Chamomile, Cranberry, Horsetail, and lemon butter from New Directions ARomatics also carries them and a lavender butter is also available. If MMS carries the butters I prefer to purchase from them (i.e. the orange etc). I also just purchased the Beurre Sauge (Sage) Butter from Snowdrift Farms. (the Beurre butters have many of the others as well). I plan on making a soap using it with the White SAge Fragrance OIl from MMS. Also may use it in a gardener's salve that I am thinking about. One other butter I just purchased is the Shealoe butter (aloe and shea combined) that I wanted to try after receiving the lovely salt scrub using it in the Oct swap we just had. FOr christmas I just made a 1/2 sugar, 1/2 dentrific (spelling) scrub using the shealoe butter. Very nice!
    • CommentAuthorCece
    • CommentTimeDec 21st 2010
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    I do have a question regarding the use of Lard in soaps. I've really liked some of the soap samples using lard in them. IF I understand correctly it has similar propeties to Shea Butter? My daughters are not too thrilled about using it in our soaps - kind of a stigma against either the animal fat or they think it will not be as beneficial for the skin as shea butter? I am interested in your comments regarding this.
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    Remember fluffernut butter? If it is exotic, has an unusual name, comes from a million miles away,costs 10x more than similar stuff, is extremely rare and is super duper politically correct, it will always be better than the stuff you can buy for pennies next door. /sarc

    Even when the chemical diagrams show exactly the same carbon chain and hydrogen atoms.

    Personally, all the old time soapers I've talked to, read from or chatted with all basically say the same thing--- the best soaps have lard. And yes, it acts exactly the same as shea chemically in the saponification process. All my soaps have it. I've made soap without it in the beginning and they didn't have the texture or the conditioning properties of my lard soaps.

    The only oils I have in my cabinet are shortening, lard, coconut oil, caster oil, coco butter, olive oil and either almond-apricot or grapeseed oil for soap making. Add argan, jojoba and vit E for my shampoo bar and thats it. I'm not a butter-lotion-lip balm maker.... in this humid climate, dry skin isn't an issue, a bottle of lotion lasts me months---same for a tube of lip balm, . However, dampness, sweating, fighting the heavy air and the constant 'ugh' greasy feeling at the end of the day.... soap, bath bombs, jelly, talc, bubble bath, scrubs, bath spray--- can't make enough.
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    so esther - how do you sell the concept of lard in a body butter?

    don't get me wrong, i love lard in my soap, as well as tallow, and i'm slowly trying to phase out all the exotic imported stuff to make my soap with local and readily available ingredients only.

    however, i am having a hard time doing that with products that are not soap that stay on the skin. what do you use?
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    I dunno (Again, I'm not a lotion-body butter maker).... I know the average person would spend 10x more for something with a cool name.

    Maybe call lard "porcine lipids" or ''Sus linnaeus (adipose) extract" ;)

    What few lotion bar things I've made as gifts, I've stuck with coco butter, coconut oil, almond oil and beeswax. If I was going for local stuff (I'm in Georgia) peanut, pecan, cottonseed or soy oil . Good question really! I'm going to see if I could concoct the same....a friend has hives and wax one county over and I love pecan oil :)
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    ooh...pecan oil lotion bars! that sounds fab!
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    Used the basic recipe that you shared on another post. It seems to be a very fine soap.
    I think all of my ingredient labels are going to say "porcine lipids". That just cracks me up.
    Thanks for sharing your recipe, I look forward to tweaking the 5-10% variations.
    This way I can include fluffernut oil without breaking the bank. :D
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    oh ya, favorite oil / butters
    Love avocado butter, use it straight outta the jar. (just hydrogenated avocado oil)
    sunflower, apricot and mango oil, use them for a client who has nut allergies (no jojoba or shea, etc.)
    Neem - great properties for healing irritated skin (used sparingly)
    hemp and castor oil always seem to add nice 'feel' to my lotions.
    evening primrose and borage oil are used in several of my formulas. (for properties which can't be listed on my packaging, of course)
    coconut (virgin), cocoa butter (regular), I enjoy both of these just as they are for fragrance and flavor.
    so much other fun stuff to experiment with, it's hard to narrow the list to just a few.
    hope you get to try lots of new ones soon.