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    • CommentAuthorTara
    • CommentTimeJul 15th 2009 edited
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    I found a box that had soap from 5 years scent to speak of really, but boy does it lather!!!
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    Do you think it is the composition of the soap that makes it lather more or is it the curing time?

    Julie ^_^
    • CommentAuthorTara
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2009
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    I think the recipe was 25% coconut oil, 25% palm oil, 25% olive oil and 25% lard so it could be the recipe was good, but the hardness and total lack of moisture is probably the real key to the lather.
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    The longer the soap sits, the more moisture is evaporated from it. The bar is harder, lasting a long longer and the lather is better.

    Even though I use a pretty heavy liquid discount in my soap recipe, I allow them to sit at least 6 weeks after unmolding before wrapping for sale.

    Customers appreciate that the bars last longer than a lot of other soaps they bought from other soapmakers. Course, I have a longer time between purchases of my repeat customers, but I keep increasing the number of repeat customers I have!