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    I made soap this weekend and I thought I'd snap a few pictures so you guys could have a reference as to what the different stages are.

    OK, so I started at the thick trace stage, because I figured everyone doing cold process knows what thin trace looks like. That and I remembered the camera at this point.

    ++++The crock pot is on high and the soap has cooked for about 5 minutes and it is now this lovely, firm, thick creamy mass--- like mashed potatoes or firm yogurt or egg custard. It is SO pretty!!! SQUEEE!!!!

    At this moment you're thinking 'Wow! I'm good at this soap stuff! Look at how pretty it is!"

    OK, so you cover your pot and you leave the kitchen. Wrap a few gifts, answer the phone, feed the dog, watch a few minutes of NCIS reruns. You come back to this!

    (You think)
    HOLY CARP! IT IS RUINED! It's foaming at the edges and it's now this nasty looking oily, separated mess! You tap the firm stuff under the surface and scoop up what looks like most of your oils off the top. It looks awful! Now you're thinking "I totally suck at making soap!"

    You slam the lid back down, pour a glass of wine....ah heck, it's Christmas, you dig out the Cranberry Vodka. Pour a shot and go back into the living room to watch more of Leroy Jethro Gibbs kicking butt. Something you'd like to do to your soap.... if it was human.

    After the first glass of Cranberry vodka is gone, you return and peek under crock pot lid.

    Well, howdy--- the foamy stuff is all over the top. The oil appears to be gone-- sunk to the bottom or absorbed. Still looks like road kill.

    You slam the lid back down, go pour more Cranberry Vodka and return to watch Leroy make the bad guy cry.

    Show's over and you return to the kitchen, debating on whether to let the stuff in the pot continue to cook or dump it and start over.

    You lift the lid and it's changed yet again.

    It's not foamy, but it's no longer firm either. You stir it.

    And you realize it has this lumpy, slimey, oily texture like 6 week old yogurt in the back of the fridge. Not pretty, but clearly coming together. You touch a bit to the tip of your tongue and...nadda, no tingle or zap. It's neutral.
    (You debate using pH strips but you spilt vodka on them earlier so they're toast).

    OK, it's either drink more or act like you're making soap.
    You gather your colors and fragrance oils and whatever else you're going to dump in this ugly mess you've spent the last hour fretting over.

    You look at the vodka bottle and shake your head. Later.

    You look down and stir it some more and.......

    Well would ya look at this! It's smoothing out and actually looks like melted wax! It has a nice sheen to it...


    You add your colors, fragrances, additives, stirring them in. If it gets a little too stiff, you add an ounce or two of water to thin it back out.

    You pour it into your mold (which has been prepared pre-crock pot and vodka) and add your toppings.

    What you get is this


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    Wow! thank-you. Informative as always. Someday I will try my hand at HP. You make it sound fun (vodka/wine included)
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    Fabulous post! I, too, may try my hand at HP. Thanks Esther.
    • CommentAuthorCece
    • CommentTimeDec 13th 2011
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    Impressive Post! Makes me want to go make HP soap this very instant!! I have been afraid of it even after our private conversation. Now I think I'll try it. . Thanks
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    Esther you crack me up- that was hilarious and yet very informative :D
    Now I know why I have trouble with HP. I don't have any cranberry vodka!
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    Thanks Esther for the tutorial and the laugh! The result look like something out of a witch's cauldron! Love it!!

    I have only have a few HP batches under my belt and only one that I try to color. I used water soluble titanium dioxide. It did whiten the soap, but not uniformly like my CP batch. I was a little disappointed by the result. I made mine in the oven (cooked in the oven at the lowest setting for 20 min. then left alone for 1 hour). I still haven't try in a crock pot yet. Maybe the process makes a difference? What do you use to color it and can you expect a nice uniform color?


    Julie ^_^
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    I use lots of different things--- fat or water soluble dyes, micas-oxides. MOST of the time it's water soluble.

    If I want it super even, I add it prior to it being completely done (at the lumpy slimey stage) and stir well. Or I've even added stuff at thick trace if the color holds up to the pH of the lye. IOW, if you can CP the color and it not morph, then add it at the beginning if you want a super even color.

    Looking back, I realize I kinda like my colors a little streaky--- the above 'Chocoloate Cake" was colored with cocoa and brown color, but I purposely held out some white to streak it.
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    Don't know what the heck took me so long to try HP soap...made my first batch last night, used it this morning in the shower!
    I love fast projects!

    And thank you Esther for your funny and detailed info on HP soaping. :)
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    loved your tutorial and the narrative. I really need the laugh
    • CommentAuthorzatarra
    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2014
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    And refreshing, while waiting for my own soap to bake in the oven. I have always love to come to this forum and read stuff. So full of informations, thank you.