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    • CommentTimeJul 26th 2012
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    So this summer in Tennessee has been exceptionally humid and new batches of soap I have in my curing rack are still sweating and weeping after a week or two. This had me thinking again of building an actual curing rack with a fan in the bottom - like a giant food dehydrator without the heat. I wonder if air circulation alone would help matters along a little, even if I can't take the moisture out of the air. One thing I will do tomorrow is take a little shopping trip to home depot and see if I can find a small dehumidifier, I figure my soap room is fairly small, more like a large closet, so that may be enough.

    But all that aside, my best friend made a suggestion today that I thought was genius, even though he is just a boring accountant and hasn't the remotest clue about soap making. You know how you put a few rice grains in your salt shaker to keep it from clumping up with moisture? Or how you put your cellphone in a tupperware box of rice when you've gotten it wet? Well, he suggested to get a big plastic bin with a lid, get two five pound bags of rice and stick them in there with the soap. Once the rice sucks all the moisture out of the soap, put the rice in the oven for a bit to dry it out and use it again.

    Anyone ever though of that? Or try it out? Any thoughts on the idea? I think I might try this for now until I have enough cash to get the materials for my dehydrator.
    • CommentTimeJul 27th 2012
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    Can't hurt to try. I may even try it myself.
    • CommentTimeJul 28th 2012
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    I think more air movement is key. I've noticed on my soaps here in Beijing, that the soap attracts every little bit of water but a moving air current helps keep the soap dry. I haven't made a batch yet, but I'm going to have to. Soaps I'm the bathroom just melt due to the excess water.

    I think between a fan in the space and trays of rice under the soap, you will see improvement.