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    I recently bought the powdered kelp powder. Seemed like a nice idea to swirl it in soap. I have one or two comments about soap using it being fishy smellling. Anyone use kelp in soap? How did it turn out? thanks.
    • CommentTimeDec 23rd 2012
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    I havent used it in soap but we do use it in our food. It does kinda have a fishy smell to it so I would be interested in any shared info here too :)
    • CommentTimeDec 24th 2012
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    Did you use any fragrance in it? How much PPO (per lb of oil)did you use?
    I bet a mint EO or lemongrass would cover the scent . There are probably a lot of FO that would blend with or cover it too.
    • CommentTimeDec 24th 2012
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    After a soap has dried, there shouldn't be a fishy smell if you have used under 2 teaspoons per pound. I really like 1 teaspoon. Sometimes, it can still contribute a scent and the best option is to choose a scent that compliments the slightly briny scent.
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    I agree with Andee, look for scents that will compliment the "fishy" smell. I like to think of it as an ocean side smell. I use ground kelp in one of my salt bars, to mimic walking on the beaches in Hawaii. When we lived there, there was always kelp or seaweed drying on the beaches we visited.

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    Ok...ya, I just saw this post..I commented on another thread, the hot processed soap thread...but I have used it in my first batch of Hot Process soap and used 2 full tablespoons of powdered kelp and 1 full tablespoon of kelp extract..and oil...thats 3 tablespoons for a 2 pound WHOLE HOUSE STANK of dead fish...I was forced to used a Fragrance Oil and added it at 1.50% PER their is NO fishy smell and actually the fragrance oil is NOT overwhelming at all. And yes, When it dried, the soap bar, it smelled just fine, so, I see here that I used WAY TO MUCH of the Kelp Powder and kelp extract....I had nothing to go on tho when I did, it was an experiment then....ha ha. Live and Learn
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    I made some test bars a couple months ago. I was pleasantly surprised that the kelp bars were fine. Slight ocean-kelpish scent and fine speckling. Very attractive looking. One bar I added a little Ocean -type scent and it is nice. Definitely an additive to include in my soaps.
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    Yes I love the color my soap turned out to be along with how it makes my skin and hair extra soft. Kelp is a skin and hair loving addition that I have been happy to report I place in MANY of my items now :-)
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    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2015
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    Over time, the specks in my kelp soap softened to yellow. I scented mine with an ocean scent, which goes quite well with the kelp.