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    Does anyone know the who has the really thick type available? There are probably many varieties, but this is a deep subject. I bought some steam distilled boswellia thurifera from India (as labeled) essential oil online and it was like molasses but thicker. It made my eyes cry (Holy Olibanum!). Why the differences in viscosity? A few good soaps came out of that batch/variety and I like what they did for me: put an aura around my body. The runnier types don't do it. Now I want to find some more to play with.
    • CommentAuthorCece
    • CommentTimeFeb 23rd 2013
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    Mountain Rose Herbs sells the Frankincense in resin form you mentioned above. I would think you could dissolve this resin in warm oil for use, at least I've done this with Amber Resin.
    • CommentTimeFeb 25th 2013
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    Sounds amazing ;)
    I'd try Liberty Natural, Camden Grey or New Directions
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    The frankinsence EO from New Directions is not a thick type, I have it from there. It still is quite satisfactory for my uses though.
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    I am processing Cece's suggestion right now; sounds practical and fun.
    Mesha and Susan: thank you for your suggestions; these are excellent resources I have not seen or explored.

    I'm sure I will find what I am looking for.