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    State's water rights and conflicts are happening (historically) right about now. Anyway, everyone needs to do their part, soapmakers included.
    The Sage blog got me excited about something late on night last year, and the all Castor oil soap I made finally hardened enough on the water heater to use responsibly in the shower. What a nice thing to rinse-off: 1-2-3, done! Seems to conserve a lot of water and time. Very conservative soap makers know this much. Thanks to The Sage for stimulating my brain and getting this creative water-sparing thought across to you. But I think that it is high water time for the soap inventer's to leak their ideas to the marketplace on this topic. Rinse that stuff-off and save the water to put in your body.

    Here's another water conserving soap recipe with good rinsability (takes a second place to soap made from Castor oil alone):
    150g Grapeseed
    150g Olive
    150g Coconut
    64g Lye

    ? What shall the quality be called when the soap rinses with little water?
    This makes drier reading than I thought.
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    Interesting, I never thought of using the "rinsibility" quality of our soaps as a selling point.
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    "I never thought" and "soaps" are widening topics of interest to exploration of space race and space based thinking people alike.
    • CommentTimeMay 30th 2013
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    Considering some of the junk people use in their baths and showers, I find that handmade soap per se and especially shampoo bars versus shampoo rinse off very quickly to start with. So I try to keep my focus on ski nourishing.
    • CommentTimeMay 31st 2013
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    Isn;t handmade soap less harmful to the environment then the detergent stuff in the stores?